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  1. I'm a lurker here, but still, I really think it's great what you've done with OCR (and I don't mind tons of awesome music for free either). I really think OCR has done a lot toward video game music being better respected. Happy Birthday
  2. Hello, I've been lurking around the site now for...hmm maybe about a year and a half? I mean, I've been enjoying awesome free music for a while so the least I could do is write a review right? Ok, disk one: Perhaps I should preface this with the fact that I haven't actually played the game...so perhaps some of the nostalgia is lost on me. I do recognize some of the more famous themes though. Deliverance of the Heart: Pretty nice mellow song. Works well for the album into. I was kind of surprized though. Given that I haven't played they game, I guess it wasn't the sort of music that I associate
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