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    Tuba player looking for arrangements. I enjoy all a manner of music. Korsakov and Shostakovich to Nobuo Uematsu to Nightwish and Pantera. Not terribly experienced with arranging but I'd love to learn.
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    Euphonium, trumpet (haven't played in years), voic
  1. To the first question yes, I plan on recording. I have almost all the musicians together. Ironically we don't all go to the same school, but we come from the same area. The idea would be that I could find someone to arrange parts for us. Over the winter we work on it all individually and then during spring break we can get together and record it. Recording tools I need to discuss with my old band director, but I think we can get ahold of them. What I have a mind to do so far are Alma's Theme, Antipyretic, Dycedarg, Trisection, and Requiem. I can email the midis to you if you're interested. Thanks for your help.
  2. Is this the right forum for this kind of post? Or should I repost it under projects or remixes?
  3. I was thinking about how well done the FFT music is. If someone wants to help arrange some for quintet, I'll certainly get the brass together to play it. PM me or hit me on AIM. I'd love to help a young arranger get his stuff out.