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  1. Appreciate that! That's actually exactly how i felt about the music. Glad i honored it well.
  2. Hey guys, just thought I'd share and see what you guys thought.
  3. Thanks for the ballpark Zircon! i'll copy your email down and get in touch with you when i'm in the market for a composer. Won't be for a few months though, since I myself have a heap of work to do before music is needed. The project itself is still in concept stages so music is a far away step, but i prefer to be financially prepared for each step required. Hiring help isn't cheap (hopes & dreams don't pay the bills) so i'm tackling most of the work myself to help free up more money to pay for help. For personal reference, can you also do sound effects?
  4. (sorry if this is in the wrong section, i don't see a jobs section on this forum) I'm an artist mainly focusing in the game industry (my portfolio: [link]). (i play drums in real life, but nothing digital) I've worked on a few games as a concept artist, but i'm going to be starting my own independent game company within the next 6 months or so and will be working on a 2D title right off the bat. I'm looking for a 3 man team (myself included as art/design/writing/management), but realistically will be a 1 man company and will end up contracting a programmer and composer. At least at first. So
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