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  1. Oh hey, this thing. I had about 4 different .flp files which went nowhere. I guess FF1 didn't really work out for me. I may try another entry, but I'm having yet another busy semester.
  2. Here's my entry: mp3 | zipped project file I asked my bro for a name, because I couldn't come up with anything. As it says in the project file, big thanks to DDRKirby for critiquing this song and for teaching me how to make a nice supersaw.
  3. Well, that was interesting. LT gave me back my joindate and postcount, though, so it's all good. @ Zephyr: Let's just work stuff out in PMs, okay? @ Rocketsniper: Any time before the second. Though, I'm probably going to extend the deadline about a week to give people a little more time.
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