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  1. Who likes Emilio Estivez..... wait.. WAIT.. keep reading. Me neither, hate the guy. But Young Guns is a sweet movie. I can't remember if YG2 was any good.. but get both just in case. I think I'm going to rent those tonight.
  2. Auto tune and smoke machines. Eiffel 65, Cher, and Kid Rock would be proud.
  3. Hahahahhahahah.. man.. I really enjoyed that Aha cover. At first I wasn't too keen on the vocals.. their about the only thing that stand out in a big way from the original. I have to say though, once you hit the end of the first chorus I was hooked lol. Thats a voice with character. Odd, eyebrow raising character. I'd love to hear original stuff if you have any. I give your cover two 80's lovin thumbs up.