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  1. I reinstalled FL Studio completely, but still it gives me the same error... =(
  2. Not that I can remember ever having any issues with it... And no, I have not tried reinstalling. If you think that may fix the problem, then I will definitely try it.
  3. Yeah, I've tried Rescanning and reinstalling drivers. The weird thing is, I did a little more fooling around and it seems the keyboard works fine with the program SONAR 6 LE... Which is a little comforting to know that the keyboard does work with the laptop, but still confusing why it doesn't work with Fruity Loops...
  4. Hey everyone, I have just recently purchased an Akai MPK49 USB MIDI Keyboard. Super exciting because I won't have to use the in-program keyboard thing in FL Studio 9. But anyways, I have an ASUS G73jh laptop and an Acer AX1300-E desktop. The keyboard works fine with the desktop (I plug it in, the drivers and necessary things install properly and FLS 9 recognizes it fine and it works!), but this is not the case for my laptop. When I plug it into the laptop, the drivers install properly with no error and the program itself recognizes the keyboard, but it doesn't seem to work. The keyboard shows up in the MIDI settings control panel, but when I select it or set it as master sync or anything that has to do with the keyboard, the program gives me an error: "Undefined External Error.", and it comes up more than once. ( I will post a picture) Any ideas? Thanks, Joe_Yoshi
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