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  1. I'm seeking info on this mp3. I vaguely recall picking it up off of IGN.com. It was some sort of tech demo for the audio capabilities of the GBA. I'm seeking more info. Perhaps it's a long lost relic that deserves to be preserved. I barely recall. I am not a musician, and this is not my work. I've tried to find where this came from. My information could be wrong. I'm seeking any info I can get on this. All I recall is that this was some sort of tech demo for the GBA before it was released in the USA; the IGN part--I'm not so certain of. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=39942495257363095295
  2. Its just one of those songs, that you remember and it just kinda gives you an empty feeling and you kinda remember your past playing it... oh well.
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