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  1. The 8500GT is a decent card for entry to DX10, just don't expect it to run Bioshock well or anything.

    It's recommended you have an 8600GT to run it in DX10 mode. But then you have to spend some money to buy Vista to get DX10 effects anyway.

    Which mightn't be a bad thing, depends on how much of an antifanboy you are >_>

  2. IMO Sakimoto's worst work objectively speaking.

    It had like two or three truly memorable tracks at most. Compare that to about 30 of them for FFT.

    Just so you know, opinion and objective don't belong in the same sentence, as all opinions are subjective :<

    I quite enjoyed the FFXII soundtrack. But it wasn't the most memorable of all the soundtracks I have listened to. I just don't think the music fits the style I'm used to hearing in a FF soundtrack. That's not to say that I dislike the soundtrack BECAUSE of the game. But saying that his diversion from the FF standard wasn't necessarily a good one.

  3. At 0:12, I think the transition from the intro to the mix itself seemed a little too "On the Fence". I thought it needed to either be much more suttle, or a lot less suttle.

    I loved the 1:09-1:30, absolutely brilliant.

    Transfer at 1:49, same problem as the transfer at 0:12, except in reverse.

    Personally I think you should make both transfers less suttle, perhaps prepare the transfer a little earlier, and have it last a bit longer.

  4. Hey. I'm CyAnIdE. Spelt like that cause I can't be arsed finding all the special characters that I use in my gamertag whenever I log on v_v.

    I'm a former member, who forgets what name he went by back then v_v. Regardless, I regained interest in the site about 3 months ago when I first heard about a few of the projects you guys had running.

    You then released FFVII VotL and I decided I was going to reregister, just to give you guys a congrats, and to hopefully get involved, start remixing again, and start some projects.

    One of my favourite ReMixers here is bLiNd, who has earned a godlike status imho, closely followed by Sixto.

    I don't know what else to say really, I'm Aussie, I'm against politics mostly, I see it as a way of pushing your way around others' rights and opinions.

    See y'all round!

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