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  1. Absolutely love the way you introduced the kicks, and the... intermission at 2:02... if you could call it that.
  2. Go on holiday for a few weeks and look what happens. Easily my favourite track off the FFVII project albums. I loved how he worked the EQ in that one, saved me all the work =)
  3. It's recommended you have an 8600GT to run it in DX10 mode. But then you have to spend some money to buy Vista to get DX10 effects anyway. Which mightn't be a bad thing, depends on how much of an antifanboy you are >_>
  4. I'm in that 1% of Aussies. Although I'm far from the only aussie with a compy v_v
  5. Just so you know, opinion and objective don't belong in the same sentence, as all opinions are subjective I quite enjoyed the FFXII soundtrack. But it wasn't the most memorable of all the soundtracks I have listened to. I just don't think the music fits the style I'm used to hearing in a FF soundtrack. That's not to say that I dislike the soundtrack BECAUSE of the game. But saying that his diversion from the FF standard wasn't necessarily a good one.
  6. I was wondering what everyone here thought about the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack. Did you like it? If so, why? If not, why not?
  7. At 0:12, I think the transition from the intro to the mix itself seemed a little too "On the Fence". I thought it needed to either be much more suttle, or a lot less suttle. I loved the 1:09-1:30, absolutely brilliant. Transfer at 1:49, same problem as the transfer at 0:12, except in reverse. Personally I think you should make both transfers less suttle, perhaps prepare the transfer a little earlier, and have it last a bit longer.
  8. Hey. I'm CyAnIdE. Spelt like that cause I can't be arsed finding all the special characters that I use in my gamertag whenever I log on v_v. I'm a former member, who forgets what name he went by back then v_v. Regardless, I regained interest in the site about 3 months ago when I first heard about a few of the projects you guys had running. You then released FFVII VotL and I decided I was going to reregister, just to give you guys a congrats, and to hopefully get involved, start remixing again, and start some projects. One of my favourite ReMixers here is bLiNd, who has earned a godlike status imho, closely followed by Sixto. I don't know what else to say really, I'm Aussie, I'm against politics mostly, I see it as a way of pushing your way around others' rights and opinions. See y'all round!
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