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  1. I took some music theory class in my junior year in high school 4 years ago, forgot everything I tried to learn from there, so I may have to take a refresher course of some sort. And I get what you're saying, especially about the cut and paste part which was me being lazy and not checking the export settings in FL Studio (it was set to cut remainder). But I'll see what I can change, hopefully the next version will have better flow, though I can't promise less awkwardness ~Saji
  2. Been a big fan of video game remix for a long time now, but I've never really tried to make any before. Of course I also have no knowledge of remixing anything (hence the title) and I've played around with FL Studio and Audition prior to this, but this would have to be my 2nd attempt at a game remix, the first one we'll just not talk about. Anyway, I'd love any and all feedback if you got any, maybe I can figure out how to better arrange music hoppin mountain v1 ~Saji
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