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  1. I mean, is it legal to make remxies/covers on video games without permission from the orginal creator? It looks like most of you guys do it, and maybe its ok, I dont now. For example, is it legal for me to make a video game remix and then upload it on my websitet? Is it legal to distribute and sell it? How is the copyrigth law when it comes video games music? Thanks in advance
  2. Hmm... I think there is two other melodies that appear on the soundtrack, that I heared before in some other way too... What tracks did David Whittaker made himself and how many are covers?
  3. Anyone other who recgonized that you hear parts of this songs in the Lazy Jones soundtrack to C64? I think its strange Wonder if the melodies are stealed just like the Stardust track who became a hit later on. Happy New Year!
  4. Hmm... discovered another thing now. The converted nsf files, sounds awful when playing in Winamp, but now when I play them in Mediaplayer it sounds great and very accurate!!! This isn´t the case with the converted spc files, they sounds awful in both players and can´t be open in my sequenser. So thumbs upp for nsf2midi, and thumbs down for spc2midi!
  5. Thanks for all your answers guys! I tried the modplug tracker and exported as midi. The result sounds terrible but it gave me the notes for the main riff of the song and some pad chords, when importing to Fl Studio. The reslut gets pretty much the same with nsf2midi, spc2midi. But with the spc2midi i dont get any channels with notes when importing to FL Studio. Just one channel called "Converted" with nothing in it
  6. Hi all gamemusic lovers! I wonder if anyone here knows if its possible to convert MOD, NSF, SPC etc to MIDI (in Windows XP). I need it for a remix that I wanna make. I found a program called SPC Tool, but it only works in DOS i think. Thanks in advance
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