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    I've been a music lover since the beginning of time. I'm addicted to it in all it's glorious forms. I discriminate on a song-by-song basis, and, thus, you'll find a wide selection of music in my library.
    I'm interested in remixes and rearrangements (especially of game music, as I'm a major gamer myself), though I'm very inexperienced, and do not (currently) own any mixing equipment or programs.

    As for other non-music related things...

    I've been known to enjoy reading, and I write fairly often. I am a roleplayer, and participate actively in an online play-by-post forum.
    I'm interested in games of all sorts. Puzzle, arcade, roleplay, MMO, name it.
    I'm a fair computer tech, though I'm no Mr. Fix-It.

    Aside from that...there isn't much. I'm a socialite, and just enjoy relaxing while I listen to some good tunes. It's a simple and easy life.
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    Paul Naturale
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    Pharamceuticals Delivery Driver

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  1. Wow, look at all that info! *peers in amazement* Thank you so much! You folks are great. *messes around with the Reaper demo*
  2. Demos it is... Thank you for the suggestion there. I'm a bit slow on the get-go, but we'll see how it works out. I would still be happy to get any feed-back from you folks on why SPECIFICALLY you enjoy using which programs you use. I understand that, at this point, I may not fully comprehend the small details of each program, but as I wade through each piece of software, it would be nice to know what sorts of things I may be missing out on. Anything you folks can give me will help paint a better picture so I can make a more informed decision. So, maybe I can rephrase my question a bit... What kinds of things do you folks like about your programs that make them unique? (i.e. What are the small little things that you find to be helpful that you havn't found in other programs?) Oh, and btw...for all those of you who may wish to know my current specs... Platform: PC OS: Windows XP Home HDD: 2x40GB RAID (80GB total) Video: NVidia GeForce FX 5600 Ultra Sound: SoundBlaster Live! WD RAM: 1GB Processor: 1.7GHz AMD Athlon Thanks again, to all of you, for your help. It's greatly appreciated!
  3. Absolutely wonderful, thank you! This information is extremely helpful. As for an amount I'm willing to spend...I'd say anywhere in the $500 or less range....though I could probably indulge up to about $600-$700 and not feel too bad
  4. *hangs his head in shame* apparently I know nothing of good studio headphones...
  5. Hello! I've recently become very interested in getting into ReMixing (due in no small part to the recent release of the "Voices of the Lifestream" album...thank you, btw, for such an inspiring project zircon [and crew of course!]) and have been looking around the forums in the hopes of finding possible avenues of attaining this goal. Thus, I've come to one conclusion...I can't seem to find anything that does much more than simple MIDI creation without going out and buying something. (I'm currently playing around with Anvil Studio...which I apparently am quite terrible at using...but they say practice makes perfect...) So, the actual question I'm trying to get to here is... What do you folks (hopefully those of you who actually use them) think of the various different audio programs out there? (i.e. FruityLoops, Reason, Sibelius, Finale....etc.) What things do you like, and what do you dislike? Is there a particular reason, aside from price, that makes you want to use one program over another? And, possibly, what other kinds of hardware/software might I want/need to get in conjunction with said programs? I'm looking at anything right now, so whatever you folks can tell me is a big help! I'm also, of course, always open to looking at free alternatives I may have missed in my don't hesitate to throw any suggestions my way. My thanks in advance.
  6. I suppose it really depends on what your looking for. It's hard to find REALLY good headphones, speakers, or any other kind of stereo device for cheap. There are some things that do come at better prices, but you usually have to do some searching for the good deals. For a good deal on price, availability, and quality...Look for Altec Lansing. You can find them in just about any good computer supplier (Comp USA, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc etc), and they (usually) won't break the bank. For something thats more expensive, but definitely works well, look for some of the nice Noise-Canceling phones sold by Bose. You can buy them online from their web-site, They provide a very nice, functional noise-canceling system, and have good stereo quality...but are definitely more expensive (couple hundred dollars if memory serves) As is the case with all stereo systems...the skies the limit. You can find yourself REALLY good speakers and headphones if you look around...but the better they are, the more the price sky-rockets as well. If there is a local audio store in your area, have a chat with them...they can hook you up with all sorts of stuff that I havn't mentioned, give you price ranges, and tell you which and where to find the kinds of stuff your looking for.