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    Its crazy that I'm married to my beautiful wife with a kid on the way at 25, but i wouldn't have it any other way.

    I like building guitars in my spare time when I'm not busy gaming or making music. I like the occasional Vegas "hangover" trip with good friends. I was in a band for a while, and would like to join one again eventually.
    Im confident but not an egotist, have a constant desire to learn and improve, and get along with almost anyone that isnt a complete asshole.
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  1. It's a right-handed, pictures probably got flipped somewhere in the process of uploading them. It has a DiMarzio Evolution 7 in the bridge and a custom-wound DiMarzio pickup in the neck that was made for Ryan Shuck of Orgy that I managed to snag. The swirl was done by Herc Fede, one of the most famous guitar swirlers before he quit doing them a few years ago.