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  1. Nekofrog

    im retiring bye

    Further clarification and reasoning: Life situations and other things have occupied so much of my time that my ability to sit down and do anything music related has impacted this decision. Not to mention getting older and more fed up with the retarded "nerd" scene But probably one of the biggest things was the secret ff6 invite only project. Massive bullshit and total bad form at the highest level in the community. That was probably one of the breaking points. While ill still do musical things from time to time as i have time/motivation, it wont be for ocr.
  2. Nekofrog

    im retiring bye

    i'm not trolling, i'm serious when i say i am done with music. it holds no interest at all as a hobby anymore. if i do anything music related, it will be on my own terms and a lot of time will be taken with it, and it probably won't be here. i just felt it was better to lay it out and not pull a graylightning. that said, deuces.
  3. Nekofrog

    im retiring bye

    Ive been avoiding this for a hella long time but music no longer interests me and playing guitar isnt much fun anymore so dueces. Any projects im on please remove me and dont ask me to be on any future ones unless cupcakes are involved
  4. it's a tape warbler and considering the title is "the planet is dead" it's supposed to sound depressing/forboding.
  5. Nekofrog

    Videogames and Sexism

    shephard never really struck me as "white". seemed like some sort of euro-spanish-homogenous fruitbar.
  6. Nekofrog

    So I need a noise gate : /

    look out we got a badass over here your experience has taught you wrong, sorry. edit: played through any high gain amps lately, grandpa? if not, stick to your noiseless fender tweeds.
  7. Nekofrog

    So I need a noise gate : /

    everything you are saying is bad i want you to know this
  8. Nekofrog

    finished Donkey Kong Theme Metal/Rock Remix.

    Rhythm guitar sounds like it's centered instead of panned. Also where's the bass?
  9. Nekofrog

    So I need a noise gate : /

    ISP Decimator. Gold standard of noise gates.
  10. best remix on the site and the remixer is a very sexy man
  11. Nekofrog

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    OOT also came out in 199goddamn8, it had an excuse for a "sparse" overworld. TP did not.
  12. Nekofrog

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    nintendo: you thought ww had a barren overworld? WAIT TILL YOU PLAY TP MAFUKKA, WE GONNA TAKE EVERYTHING OUT
  13. Nekofrog

    FF5 remix album

    Fate In Haze and Library of the Ancients is on a loop for me right now. So great.
  14. Nekofrog

    FF5 remix album shit is off da chain nyucka fate in haze is da SHIT NYUCKA
  15. Nekofrog

    When does a remix stop being a remix?

    when bleck goddamn says so