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    I'm a practitioner of the arts of swordsmanship, as well as a passion-et writer/artist. When not working my day job the night is my playground and one of my favorite parts of it is the net. I'm an Anime freak and find myself regularly attending events if not cosplaying all together with friends.
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  1. Even if it may seem hopeless I need to try, this is in fact for a much bigger project that could net me a dream job, I just need to get some outside help since I don't have a dream-team for productions yet.
  2. Alright I guess I need to resort to near bribery...to the one who accepts my project and makes a satisfactory remix, I shall send both a money order of 50 bucks plus hand-craft a video game prop weapon or piece of their choice as payment for their hard work.
  3. Come on now theres gotta be someone interested in this wee bit of a challenge, I mean besides paying in cash how much more tempting do I have to make this project before someone bites?
  4. This theme was originally a song created by a band from the eighties called "the information society", and sadly I've found only one somewhat decent remix by a french band. I'm hoping that if anyone can deliver a more industrial and dark metal remix its someone here on OC. If need be I can send a copy of the original song to the one who will take up this project and even as a bonus will hook them up with reproduction of a prop video-game weapon of their choice as a major "Thank you". I will pay for shipping as well just to show my appreciation for the time and effort taken. Request project outline: Remix of:Soul Reaver Theme "Ozar Midrashim" *Style of remix: dark industrial metal *If elaboration is needed, such as a comparison to another band for style, message me and I'll give more of an in depth description.
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