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  1. I've uploaded a new version (same link) that has some of the arpeggiations removed in the middle, but I left a few of them in. Better this way? If so, I think it's about ready to submit.
  2. Interestingly, I wasn't even intending to put in the FF prelude. I just wrote a countermelody in that I thought sounded good, and then after the fact realized that it contained a bit of the prelude. I guess it can really get into your subconscious. I think you're right about the arppegiations though; it IS a bit overused in that part. If I remove most of them, but leave a few in, it'll probably sound a little more natural. Otherwise, it seems good to go.
  3. Sorry to bump this, but I really wanted to get some feedback on the current version before I submit it to the judges.
  4. Okay, I've uploaded a new version (the link is the same). This one has some modifications in the latter parts, and also uses some better piano samples. Again, feedback is appreciated
  5. I wanted to get an opinion on this. It's a remix of the Temple of Fiends music from Final Fantasty 1: http://www.parsecproductions.net/music/RuinOfFiends.mp3 I was aiming for a kind of slower string/piano mix that was more mysterious-sounding. Feedback appreciated.
  6. I recently started a remix of it, as played by a string quartet. I'll see if it's worth trying to finish or not...
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