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  1. I dunno, man. Maybe later on, but my plate's super full this summer at least. :x

  2. Hey man! It has been a while. Just been real busy. Working on films and games now, along with school. And you?

  3. Awesome, man. I appreciate the kind words. I'm glad you dug it.

    And I totally know the Bleed riff that you're talking about, too. Lots of Meshuggah influence in the song, with a dash of Periphery and some As I Lay Dying-esque stuff. c:

  4. I don't know why. If ever a topic deserved a thread, that did.

  5. I swear I get moderated so much.

  6. loooooooool threadlock

  7. Hahah, we got our posts deleted.

    Serious modding is serious. We're obviously worst enemies from that thread.

  8. Poor kid got his thread locked, though, before EVERYONE got a chance to hear his theme song!

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