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  1. It's a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. No problem. Whenever you get the chance. If you've got Skype, hit me up.

  3. I dunno, man. Maybe later on, but my plate's super full this summer at least. :x

  4. Hey, I kinda hate doing requests like this, but it doesn't seem like anyone checks the request board. Long story short, would you be interested in doing a Mass Effect remix? If not, that's cool, but if you are, here are some tracks I'd love to see mixed.

    The Normandy

    The Citadel


    From the Wreckage

  5. School, looking for work, maintaining my computer, and lots of other tedious crap. I've also been working (on and off) on scripts for a project that's been in development for almost ten years.

  6. No, Strader is right. When I ate it, I did notice that there was a whole lot less barbecue sauce than I'm used to. Guess I'll go back today and order un McRib con salsa barbacoa más. And yeah, it's still a McRib. It's just el McRib.
  7. Bumping this thread because in Spain, where I have been living the past couple of months... THE MCRIB IS BACK FUCKYEAH
  8. Hey man! It has been a while. Just been real busy. Working on films and games now, along with school. And you?

  9. Awesome, man. I appreciate the kind words. I'm glad you dug it.

    And I totally know the Bleed riff that you're talking about, too. Lots of Meshuggah influence in the song, with a dash of Periphery and some As I Lay Dying-esque stuff. c:

  10. So, recently, a short fantasy movie "Spirit's Requiem" was premiered a few days ago. I dunno when it's actually available, because apparently releasing it to the public now would hurt its eligibility in the indie film circuit. But hey, I got the green light to go ahead and release the OST for it if I wanted. If you couldn't guess by the title of the movie, it's very game-influenced (the title itself being a Zelda reference). The director actually wanted a good portion of the music done in a game-like fashion where instead of scoring to film, I was making loops for areas and character themes, so I had fun with that. I made a couple of musical references to some of the games that the movie made me think of, too, as a tribute to them. Anyway, here's the soundtrack. Hope you guys dig it. http://jonathanperos.bandcamp.com/ Some good places to start, if you just want to get a gist of the music, are the Main theme, Shayde, Lament, and Credits.
  11. HAHA! Dude, I just listened to your track from BadAss. It's badass, to say the least. What made me laugh was the drum sequencing... Meshuggah much?! There's segments that TOTALLY sound like Bleed. Not much of a metal guy anymore, but it was a great throwback :D The piece is super engaging too, nice work man, keep em comin

  12. Hey man. It's been a while since we talked last. How are ya doing?

  13. And to further this thought, a good majority of the time, when violins are doubling, vln I is playing the line an octave higher than vln II. Having this high line will separate the pitch ranges from the metal band even more and help it poke through.
  14. wat I've never seen a synth that looks anything like this. Color me intrigued as hell.
  15. I... wait. No, this is a joke. Right?
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