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  1. Hi, it's the guy who you sent all those nice themes a few years ago. Just wanted to (very belatedly) thank you for your help during that project. you were one of the few people I could rely on during that thing. You're awesome.

  2. Thank you DarkeSword, I appreciate that! You have some good stuff here, I'll let you know which I pick. Ha, no need to apologise. You were right and I was wrong. The speed isn't THAT big of a deal, it being BACKGROUND music is the most important thing now that I think about it. Something that adds to the information on screen and doesn't distract, which could potentially be fast (Level Editor from Smash Bros. Brawl was the fastest used in the demo) but being a layman I would simply say not too fast as the faster it is the more distracting it could be. Hopefully that makes sense. The video will be approximately ten minutes long, but divided into several sections. So a constant tempo would be preferred, really. Thanks again Nintendude764!
  3. Which song mate? I'll have a listen before dismissing it.
  4. Oh bloody hell, you're quite right and thus I'm quite wrong. The song is the same, though so that works out alright for me. And you are even more right on Banjo-Tooie. I need to stop trying to be a smart-arse.
  5. Now that's a list! If you meant "Dire, Dire Docks" instead of "Jolly Roger Bay" (That would be Banjo-Tooie, my dear ) that is. But yes, you pretty much summed up what is needed/wanted by that wide range of themes. To be honest, ANY of those would be perfect for the film so yes, fire away and thanks for the response! What would you like in return? I can prepare a Release Form as soon as you submit a mix, but that is for me rather than you (obviously). Name your price.
  6. Ah well, this didn't exactly have the reaction I hoped it was going to have. No matter I'll just ask Users individually instead.
  7. Hello Remixers! I am a Third Year Student in the UK putting the finishing touches upon an Training Film for the University. The short film is a slightly cheesy Info-film with the intention of informing students on useful tips for job interviews. The film is to be divided into different sections, with each section including tips relevant to each stage of interview. Think 'Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life'. Anyway, the music-creating students here either create Aphex Twin-lite or elevator music. Neither of which help me in any way. So, for the demo I ended up using the most relaxing tracks from Brawl (e.g. Coin Launcher), which my client ended up liking (she doesn't play much Brawl, thank God). Obviously I cannot use Brawl music (although this is tempting) but I thought before asking some more students if anyone on OC Remix would lend me their music/help themselves by listing 'contributor to soundtrack' (or however you would wish to put it) on your CV, if you would wish to do so. I do this because a) easier legally and I happen to like OC Remixes. If you're reading this thinking "Yeah, why not" then excellent. The type of remixes I am looking for are slow, background music types. remixes that wouldn't sound out of place on a menu screen, for example. Basically anything not too fast. Remixes that have already been submitted or are not on OC Remix can be submitted. Basically, you give them to me and I'll tell them if I can use it or not. The remixes can be sent as an .mp3 (I can't remember if Adobe uses .ogg) or just linked to if they are on here already. I can offer a copy of the finished film, a Permission Form and er any cash incentives you may want/need. (within reason) Thank you for your time and I hope at least one person says "This person doesn't sound too much like a desperate Jehovah's Witness, I'll give him a Marble Zone remix to make his film appear less crap"
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