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  1. As I told in my first post, I couldn't do a thing with the file. But it is fixed now. Foobar2000 saved my life, I had a "EDIT" plug in and It managed to move it which Windows wasnt able to. Then it worked just fine I copied it back as it was and it is working just fine now. If there is too many artist you should put them in id3tag "composers" instead and come up with a "group" name into Artist field instead and/or onto the file name.
  2. I have no friggin Idea whats going on but I cant do a thing about this track, I can neither open it with an application or edit it (copy,paste,cut,rename,delete) or open it in notepad or look at its properties. I have also tried to scan it with my virus scanner and it says it can no access the file. I have tried to restart my computer, restart my external hardisc which the whole album is at. The other files I can open just fine and I have killed all other third party processes that are running in the background. I've heard of such thing as DRM, but never had such mp3 file. and if it had drm protection it wouldn't be this picky would it now and why would you guys have it in your album and on this track specifically? Screenshot: