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  1. It might be useful to be able to search remixes by BPM. That way you could browse upbeat or slow tracks (or whatever) of different types.
  2. Here's a request for one of the catchiest video game tracks I can think of. So far I've found no trace of a remix for it. The game is IK+ or International Karate Plus. The platform was the Commodore Amiga. Here's a Youtube video with the track.
  3. Galant


    Another Amiga classic - Leander - also released elsewhere as the Legend of Galahad I believe, but no idea if the music was the same. The track in particular is the level music for section 1-1. Here's the Longplay on Youtube, the audio begins at 1:26:
  4. First Samurai - An old Commodore Amiga game with a good bit of atmosphere. The game itself didn't have much in the way of music but the opener was really attention grabber for me. Stayed with me all these years. Haunting, driving, ancient and modern all at once. Sort of like the game I suppose - so well done whoever wrote the piece! Anyway, a remix of it to bring it up to date would be awesome. The Longplay video on Youtube shows the full opener with music. Regards, G.
  5. Galant

    Ik +

    This one just came to me and has to be one of the all time classic games - IK + which I believe stood for International Karate +. I knew it on the Amiga. That one has to be ripe for a remix. I know the file can be picked up here: http://www.nemmelheim.de/classicgames/ G.
  6. Hi guys, this would be my first post - so hello. Been a fan of the site for a while, and when listening to a few tracks tonight it occurred to me that perhaps what captivates me about video game music (and I'm an 80's early 90's guy - SNES, Megadrive, Saturn, Amiga etc.) is that the greatest pieces created an atmosphere so well. The music added a somewhat indefinable but wholly wondrous element to the game, drawing you into another world. It captured emotion, setting and transported you elsewhere. Now I've also been thinking of Christmas lately too -since having moved back to England from the USA I have to think ahead to send stuff to my family - and it struck me that the Christmas season does something similar. It captures an essence, a feeling, which I think most can relate to. "So," I thought, "how cool would it be to have the OC Remix guys put together a Christmas album!" Maybe it's just me but video game Christmas themes exist, (not to mention Christmases as a kid unwrapping new video games), but also the snowy scened parts of games always seemed so capitivating to me. Anyway, that's it, I wondered if anyone thought there might be merit to the idea of putting together a Christmas/winter collection? Anyone? Merry Christmas!
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