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  1. So, recently I've been assigned to write a paper detailing a specific group, and to prove that they constitute a subculture, rather than a mere collection of people, a proverbial morass of indistinguishable humanity. And so, I've decided to take the high road and write about the OCRemix community. I've been lurking OCR for a good 6 years by now, but I'd really like to know everyone's opinions on some things. Having only lurked the boards, I've never entirely understood many people's motivations, whether they be active remixers and contributers to the site, or simply regulars to the forums. Why have the OCR forums enjoyed such a large fan base over the years while other sites hit their peak and die off within a short period of time? Is there a difference in the type of people here over, say, some place like Gamefaqs, and what do you think makes the difference? How many of you out there on the boards are musicians? I'd be interested to see how many of you play instruments, even if you're not very good. I'm interested to know what many people play, and what types of music they might specialize in. I'd appreciate any additional information or theories as to why the site has become so popular. As a humble lurker, I have my opinions of the site community, but I'm curious as to what everyone thinks of the community as a whole.
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