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    I'm a college student studying electrical engineering (and hopefully, soon a computer science grad student). Besides video games and piano-ing, I like a little bit of yoga, racquetball, and general humor.

    While I'm not a ReMixer, I do enjoy transcribing piano pieces from the site occasionally. Expect all of my activity here to be contributions to the sheet music thread.
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  1. Dude, I gotta say, I looooove your signature O:

  2. I didn't do any re-arrangement, but I did transcribe the intro up to the very first electronica note: (it's a pdf) If someone else wants to try and make up the rest, they're welcome to do so.
  3. I just finished transcribing Zoola's "A Link to the Piano". Here's the PDF:
  4. If people are still looking for it, I downloaded Jenova a while back when it was still up: I also made sheet music for a couple other songs: BogusRed's "Into the Golden Sunset" - BogusRed's "Beyond Midgar" (in two parts, since having only Finale Notepad limits things...) - & Dhsu and GrayLightning's "Nayru's Love" ='' These are all PDFs