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  1. This is a finished remix, not sure if this is the right forum to post it in though, found this mix somewhere. Anyway theres not enough Terranigma remixes out there. I plan to do the Overworld theme with an orchestral style and the wandering people theme with a rumba/Mexican style myself. After that ill be happy. I was GREATLY inspired by Terranigma Blue (Shooting star mix) http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01251/ and still remians my all time favorite to this day Enjoy :!: http://remix.westnblue.com/remix_done/Terranigma_Alive_Carefree.mp3
  2. Yes chimpamp is a great addition to winamp, thanks for the info. I can now play SPC files for the snes I found a good site for all the music dumps: Main site - http://www.zophar.net/music.html With these files I will at least be able to separate the melody from the background music and start a remix from that
  3. I got the in_nsf.dll for winamp, works well. Where can I find more NSF files from?? I want to get terranigma NSF
  4. Yeah I remember It ....had some sweet melodies Ill see if i can dig up the original tunes from it Post them later today
  5. Your right it is different. Thanks for pointing out NSF files, never knew they existed! I got the plugin for winamp, and now can play NSF files. Ive updated the original link I posted before with the real game theme Thanks
  6. Yeah I recorded it from a nes emulator. But thats the only way I can get this recording. If no one can remix this as is, ill give it a go when I dig my piano outta storage
  7. The game song is exactly like the recording. Your better off not using the original music to remix but use it as a guide. Maybe copy the melody using a elec piano or guitar and remix from there.
  8. Considering theres no recordings for Ufouria that ive found, I set up a sub-domain so ppl can preview the games original music: (2 Loops) http://remix.westnblue.com/remix_to_do/ufouria.mp3
  9. Can someone remix UFORIA on the NES console, it has the best melody - similar to terranigmas quality. No one has ever done a remix for this games great theme. Be the first to remix this and get the attention you deserve. Youll also be my HERO forever:!:
  10. Can someone remix UFORIA on the NES console, it has the best melody - similar to terranigmas quality. Youll be my HERO forever:!:
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