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  1. MMP Publishing has released a preview of “The Road Avenger”, a novel based upon the 1985 Data East laserdisc classic “Road Blaster”. (OC-Remix members interested in learning more may follow the article linked below): Reuters Thanks for reading. (Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have).
  2. Green-Light Received for 'The Road Avenger' Novel; 'Road Blaster' Roars Into 2009 in MMP Publishing's Novelization of the 1985 Data East Video-Game Classic Sources: Reuters Wall Street Journal 333
  3. Regarded as a timeless classic amongst videogame & anime music-lover’s alike, the “Road Avenger” main title theme lives strong beyond its debut – Originally recorded & performed by the Japanese Rock-Band “Jaywalk”, the song continues to build momentum as newcomer’s to the world of early laserdisc based videogames discover its gritty, revenge filled power, unheard in many of today’s soundtracks. “Sekrett Scilensce” & “Mary Margaret Park” have released their “Road Avenger” (Road Blaster FX) [Main Title Theme] digital-album ‘FREE’ for all to own & enjoy. The album arrives as a ZIP-archive containing six renditions of the theme-song along with accompanying documentation & images. The primary download location is at: http://www.sekrettscilensce.com/ra The secondary download location (in case of errors) is at: http://www.marymargaretpark.com/ra YouTube (live acoustic performance): http://www.youtube.com/indigocentury We respectfully & sincerely hope that you enjoy this presentation and look forward to serving you again in the future. Thanks for Playing! – Thanks for Listening! - Kuneo Koei
  4. Hallo, I didn’t really consider the comment to be backhanded. I think if someone says something akin to, “…good effort, but it doesn’t sound exactly (anything) like it…..” then, that’s more so backhanded. I interpreted the comment as if someone had said, “…that 8-Bit feel added to the videos charm…..” – Or something similar. Either way, I could care less if I’m wrong; the good and the bad, is good. Respectfully & Sincerely, - Ss leitung@sekrettscilensce.de http://www.sekrettscilensce.com
  5. Thanks for listening, And taking time to reply also; stay safe. - Ss leitung@sekrettscilensce.de http://www.sekrettscilensce.com
  6. Today, I have the honor of announcing that Yahoo! Video has featured my Piano rendition of the Super Mario Bros. (Main Title Theme). I actually wasn’t counting on any turn-out from this particular recording and can only say that I’m in awe of its success. I was aiming at getting good exposure for my “FW9” song but this is just as well. In the same offset, I hope that many of you will find it just as enjoyable as many others did. Thanks in advance for your acknowledgement and keep uploading those awesome remixes. One of my favorite OC-arrangers has been TEFNEK You can watch the video-performance at: http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=1551328 I’m not sure how long they will display on their front page, but you can access it from there as well under “featured videos”: http://video.yahoo.com Respectfully & Sincerely, - Ss leitung@sekrettscilensce.de http://www.sekrettscilensce.com
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