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    I make art and design video games! Currently working on a fighting RPG called "Beyond the Veil"
    I love all types of games. Am especially good at fighting games and compete regularly
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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuOPVZWgeGc Here's one of my favorite songs. It sounds very Capcomy. Any tips on identifying sounds, recreating, or finding them in this or any given piece of music? I'm super super new to music production, but I'm noticing that finding the right sound/instrument is one of the hardest parts. Any suggestions in general or about that song or other capcom songs would really make my day. Thanks!
  2. If this is necroposting, then... sorry! Delete this and I'll start a new one, otherwise, let us continue! I would also like to apologize for abandoning this for a while... It was quite abandonment, because I'm back now! But obviously I haven't replied in a while. The reasons are many. I essentially started over on many aspects of the game and other stuff like my grandpa dying and getting sick forced me to rearrange my priorities. One of the main differences is that I am totally redoing the graphics. I switched from pixel art to hand painted stuff. It looks way nicer and its faster. No reason NOT to do it. Anywho... check out the link here because I think the link in the first thread is out of date, though I'll update it too lol. Reply if you're still interested and lets get something awesome going! http://www.rmxp.org/forums/index.php?topic=6218.msg67526#msg67526
  3. WHOA!! I'm totally pumped! I never thought I'd have such a response in so little time. Thank you all so much! I'd be totally down for a collaboration... seriously, the more the merrier. I have lofty/impossible/pipe dreams for having lots of music in this game. Perhaps it could be the reality! I've yet had time to listen to all the stuff people have provided, but I'm on it as I speak. For the one or any others who download the demo... It's REALLY old. There's a current build of it in non-consumer-esque presentation that is more current, but you're sorta fishing around in the dark with that one. However I still recommend it (the backup) over the "DEMO" i have linked. In that thread I promised a new demo a week ago, but It's still not great but I work on that every night as well. A newer, user-friendly demo will be up soon. Again, thanks to all who have and will post here. I would also appreciate feedback here or on that site or via pm or whatev's. Stay tuned, -K
  4. Hey all! My name is Kicks and I am a game designer. I am currently working on a fighting RPG called "Beyond the Veil." It is an RPG that focuses heavily on the combat aspect focusing on unique, strategic gameplay that will hopefully remain fun for a long time. I have been working on the game for about 2years now and, instead of using music from other games as I have been, have decided it needs its own music as well as graphics and system. Thus, I am here to begin my recruitment of talented individuals who would like to join the project of an exciting upcoming independent game as a music composer/producer. Game Info/Thread can be found here My website can be found here The game, as stated, is heavily based on fighting. The setting is contemporary, but in a fictional world. Current music I'm using in the game hails from, Ridge Racer, SF3 3rd strike and 2nd impact, Shinobi(PS2), and the FFXI PlayOnline Viewer. Other styles I hope to find its way in are from Gradius remixes and Guilty Gear remakes and remixes. I'm looking for a sorta broad range I suppose... The strongest analogy I could draw is a lot like 3rd strike--sorta hip hop/funky/housey, but with more driving/harder/upbeat/uplifting electronic sound. Plus some metal thrown in? I personally listen to a lot of what was mentioned as well as hardhouse, hardcore, disco, and... lots of VG remixes! I'm not sure about compensation at the moment. This is a professional quality game I am producing, but I plan on making it free or a very small cost. I am very open to discussing this however! So please respond and thanks for your time, -K
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