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  1. Now you can scrobble it by http://www.last.fm/music/Emitremmus
  2. Uhm... really very strange... Maybe your browser/resolution isn't fully compatible... anyway you should see the download link at the top-right in the page http://www.takusama.com/quarantined.html
  3. Today I've release the new album on my personal website www.takusama.com Check it out, enjoy yourself and let me know your opinion.
  4. Hi to all, folks, it's me Emitremmus. I wanna announced the release of new amateur and indipendent work call'd "Quarantined", a dark ambient album with sci-fi, electronic and industrial influences. The deep evil and insane atmosphere bring the listener again in a "dark voyage" started some years ago with my previous work "Nuclearization". The essence of “Nuclearization” is now more intense, more psychedelic, more violent and gloom, in this new album. "Quarantined" is about to become the perfect heir of "Nuclearization", as a sequel of the journey into the unconscious, among dark ruins, wasted memories and black and white nightmares. This new work is inspired by games as Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Hope you like it... the countdown is started. Watch the teaser and listen the sample on http://www.takusama.com Follow my dark crows on http://twitter.com/#!/takusamadotcom or become a fan http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emitremmus/19752791867
  5. thanks for your impressions... well I've compose this album thinking about the Fallout environment. I'm happy to know that sounds good!
  6. I've add a .zip file of the entire Nuclearization album, so you can download easily and fixed tha loading of the 4th and 6th song in the player. thanks to the appreciation.
  7. yeah, I'm sorry I was sure to have the link in my signature Uhm, I know of many problems of the site that I have to fix (flashdamned)... and I have to put the entire album in a compressed file (soon I'll do it). Hope you find "Nuclearization" a nice project for a simple tribute album.
  8. Hi folks, let me present myself. I'm Marco (aka Emitremmus) from Florence, Italy and I'm here for my first post on Overclocked Remix. Yep, I don'k know if this is the right section, but I'm here to annunce my new last work: "Nuclearization – Voyage In The Post Atomic Unknown”, a dark ambient full lenght-album. Its promise is to bring the listener in a “dark voyage” made of radiations, electronic storms and torments of unconscious. This seems like that “Nuclearization” has been designed to evoke the deepest fears of a world devastated by atomic explosions and out of an inevitable deterioration as a sign of human psychological devastation. It represents my tribute to Fallout saga (and Fallout 3 game) and that genius that is Mark Morgan. So that's represent my greetings card to everyone who love this kind of music, falloutish style music. At my portfolio, you’ll find a special interview and news about it. So check it out, and feel free to comment my work. Hope you like it, please feel free to comment. Enjoy listening. C'ya.
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