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  1. First of all, if at all possible try to keep the download sizes smaller and you'll probably get more feedback. OCR won't accept bit rates above 192 anyways. My first impressions of this mix are quite good as far as listening enjoyment is concerned. What you need to look at here is the relationship between the mix and the original melody. Right now, I'm not sure whether this is a rearrangement of Upper or Lower Torvus. This is one of the few cases where I think the arrangement is too liberal. If you like the interpretation, by all means keep it that way, but the problem is, you won't make it past the judges panel if the source isn't recognizable enough. Don't get me wrong, though. It is an enjoyable piece that you are working on. Congrats. I'd be glad to here an updated version.

    I think maybe since I made the song, I'm the only one who can hear the melody because I can hear the melody perfectly fine. But, I re-did the lead and will be uploading soon.

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