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  1. Hi Lately, I've worked on a remix of Miror B's battle theme from Pokemon Colosseum on GameCube. I feel "OK" about it so far, but there is one part Im having a very hard time making sound good. Here is the original: If you hear in the very beginning and in the intro part, it has 4+1 hits, sort of. Are anyone of you pro musicians able to catch what bunch of sounds are playing at once? And which of the tones have a small pitch, starting as H or C to C#?
  2. Sorry about my late response, I have had a rough month! Wow, this is actually really intresting! I had no idea that it existed DAWs (I also learned what DAW is) with better sound output than FL Studio. This will be one of the first things Im gonna look into in the Summer. I have calculated some money stuff and my solution is that I will spend about 5000$-ish on a new PC and on a DAW (which was FL Studio until just now...) and on some VSTs. I currently have ReFX Nexus2 on target, if its familiar to someone - a lot of artists I listen to have given great feedback to it. And I guess I'll also spend a few years in college or highschool learning more. All I know about this is what I have learned myself over the last 5 years. Also, thanks a lot for the great tips on how to become more classical. Im very familiar to most of those people, as I have 5 years of classical piano experience in the past and a dad that works in a professional orchestra. Im gonna look into each and every response I got from all of you, and hopefully I will find my style in not too long! Thanks a lot for taking the time to write everything, and sorry again for my late response - I don't mean to sound like I somewhat don't care
  3. Thanks, SubNormal J3, Ill take a look at those .. And thanks, neblix We share the same view on music The thing is, I fail miserable when Im trying to make something that is not my style I could never make anything classical sound great from my skills.. But I did learn a lot yesterday from googling stuff - and Ill probably spend a few years on some kind of music school. I hope they use FL Studio there (: In a few years, Ill get a song through the judges of OC
  4. Hello Im soon beginning a free year of school which I want to spend on my hobbies, which includes music production. Over the last 3-4 years, I have spent a lot of time with Fruity Loops or FL Studio making music, but I have ended up with a trancy music style that doesnt quite fit too well with everyone listening... So I though maybe, if some of you professionals have the time, you could give some tips on how you create your music, and what your musical background is? It will really mean a lot to me, and Im sure everyone else reading that is on my level will have good use of your suggestions! If I may, I have some personal questions too. Is it normal for you people to use programs like FL Studio or Cubase etc to make music, or do you actually record from live instruments?? And if you use such programs, do you have any tips on VSTs that is worth buying? What I would love to learn from this thread is how to make a more neutral and natural style than what I have now. I have uploaded a few Nintendo game remixes on my YouTube channel, but as I mentioned earlier, its a bit too trancy for most people - and I have really no idea on how to start. Any tips at all will be received with great appreciation!
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