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  1. GOD! here we go with another righteously indignant speech given by another overbearing prick trying in vain to teach me tact. Listen, kid, do not presume to tell me whether or not I appreciate these good peoples' music. I merely asked a question. If you don't like my attitude, then may I suggest pulling whatever stick is lodged up your ass out and then pissing off. People like you adversely affect the development of humanity and you mother is probably ashamed of you, too.
  2. The Name "Knives" fits. I remember him being a prick, too.
  3. I had heard that one. I thought it was ok, but the mixer didn't do anything spectacular with it. Plus, in-game sounds can kill a song if used excessively and during inappropriate times.
  4. The people over at Blizzard made some damn good music for their treasured RTS titles and, seeing how nobody's tried to mix anything they've done, I can only wonder if the artists here find Blizzard's already incredible music untouchable. I hope somebody steps up.
  5. Several stages had some decent music, such as the track for Ice Crusher, but most, if not all, is worth recognition.
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