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  1. Thanks guys. Of course there will always be some type of distortion but there is a difference between something that sounds a bit funky with some a few artifacts and stuff that sounds like absolute poop. Audacity worked out well enough though.
  2. Any free one that can automatically transpose it without of course changing tempo or distorting it too much? I tried transposer 2.0 but for one, it wasn't free and secondly, it didn't work for every song I had.
  3. Well I am having problems with the VST ambiance settings. None of the presets allow me to get a good enough sound to actually submit music here. It all rather sounds really empty or kind of choppy. Is there any custom setting that works really well?
  4. I am not sure how to use programs that don't utilize notation software so what program would be good for these VSTs to be installed in?
  5. Is there any program that is really great for making full on rock music? I really am desperate for something that has great synths and actually sounds like a reasonable rock band with guitars, basses, and drums. Only problem is that I need it to be a windows program. Thanks in advance and if it costs money please do list its price.
  6. http://www.myspace.com/darianlawrence The song that was my first is called "Adventurous" its around 7 min long. The first one that is played is Dance of The Joker. Oh and I use Finale 2007 for the music. It didn't cost too much since I didn't have to pay full due to their upgrading policy ^__^
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