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  1. Here's the link to the first version. I don't have any of the other two versions. Basically the judges felt from the most recent version that the choir of vocals weren't well separated, so I think I rectified that with the current mix. Also that it wasn't percussive or driving enough, so I added an instrument that was missing from the recording. Also that it didn't have enough high end (too much in the low range) so I tried to eq it better to accentuate the high end.
  2. I've submitted this and resubmitted it twice. I'm getting closer. But before I resub it a third time, I thought I would finally post it here and see if anyone has any suggestions first. The concept behind it is the main theme from Zelda arranged and produced in the style of Enya's "Book of Days" so it would help if you were already familiar with the Zelda and the Enya tracks. Any final feedback would be most appreciated!