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  1. @Mustin: Thanks for your concern Mustin, I have someone looking into all of that right now and I am pretty sure that it's going to work out alright. @Prophet: Don't worry Prophet, it'll work out okay. @Relyan: That's okay Relyan, I understand. Do you have an idea of when you'd be able to have it ready to see? @big giant circles: I realize that the album cannot be released through OverClocked ReMix. I also do understand the legalities of the album's release and as I said to Mustin I do have someone looking into everything involving licensing and permission. Thanks for your concern too bgc, it's really appreciated.
  2. @Hale: Yup, that's the song! You found the instrumental version? That's perfect! I will be contacting a suggestion japanese translation tonight and once I find out that they want to be on the project this song will be the first thing I will send them. Then we can get you comfortable with the english lyrics! @Hemo: Okay then, that's alright. When the time comes, I'll set you up wit the Italian vocals. I did ask in my last post but I just want to make sure if you noticed. Do you have some samples of your singing that I could hear? Just to get a feel for your vocals.
  3. @Hemo: That is great! Extra languages are always a bonus. You said that you are able to sing in german. I would like you to do the german portion of the album's namesake song. As I mentioned before I want to try and get as many languages as possible in the song and since you're the first to offer german then I'd really like it if you could take the part. Also, do you have some samples Hemo? I'd like to hear your voice. I do understand about Square-Enix needed to be contacted for the license and I will most certainly be doing that. @Prophet: Yeah, I was listening to Abadoss' music on his website and I'm really impressed. I will be getting him to do at least one thing for the album...for sure! That's great, if we need the pronounciation guides I will let you know. It'll be a gerat help for sure if the need arises. @Dragon: I'll keep that in mind DA. Don't worry, I won't get you to do any lyric writing outside of english, it was more for the vocals that I was concerned. The fact that you can do latin in chours is helpful though. It'll probably come in handy for the One Winged Angel/Dancing Mad Remix. I'd like to get a fairly large group of vocalists together for that song. @Hale: Great! Thanks so much. Did you want to try it out with the original for now and then see how comfortable you are with it and then we can see if you want to apply that to a remix. Are you framilliar with the song Redemption? I will get the lyrics to a translator asap. I know I could get them on a site but I want to make sure that everything is 100% legit, so I'll get a translator to do that. Once I get the english lyrics then I will message them to you. @Relyan: Sure thing, I would love to see what's on your mind for the art! You seem like a man with a plan to me, who am I to stop you? Hehe. I don't mind heavy symbolism at all, as long as it's not offensive. Try to keep everything E Rated, I want to make it an album that pretty much anyone can buy. @Audio: Well, I am going to be talking with Mustin about the license topic. I want to make sure 100% that it's going to be alright and if Square-Enix will allow the album to be sold without royalties that would be ideal. That way 100% of the profit can go to CFFC. @Neko: Well, there is the one song from VI on the list as of now. However there are only 4 confirmed songs as of right now. The list can go whichever way at this point, if there is a remixer that approaches me with the want to do something between I and VI I will take it into consideration. The list that I have currently below the confirmed tracks is a suggestion list and I was trying to take as many vocal tracks as I could to add to it. @Random: Awesome! Thank you, I'll put you down for lyrics. Can you send me a message with some examples of your current lyric writing? Even though I can see all of those great awards under your sig, I'd like to get an idea of your style. Also, since you're offering to do the narrorator for Red as Rose, White as Snow can you send me a voice sample of how you would be doing the narroration?
  4. Alrighty, let's take care of everyone in order of posts! @Hemo: Thanks so much for the offer Hemo, I will add you to the list as a male vocalist and once there is need for some male vocals I will send you a message! @Relyan: I tried looked up the FACs that you suggested and I can't find them here on the boards. So can you please either post or message me some of your art work? Some sketches would be great! Before you go ahead with them though, what do you have in mind? @Phophet: Hehe, I'm glad to hear that you're up to anything I throw at you. I think it would be great if you could take the male vocals for Red as Rose, White as Snow. Thanks for the suggestions on the lyricists and messaging Random about it. I see that DA posted already so I will get to her response lower down in this post. As for the topic of posting. Well I am versed in online forums so I understand what you're saying. I choose to reply to people seperatly because I feel that it makes it more personal to the specific person and topic. However, if this is the preffered method of response for OCR's forums I don'd mind at all. @Abadoss: Great! Can you please message me or post an example of some of your current lyrics? @Moguta: Well Moguta, I was thinking myself that something like that might be interesting. I will have to see what the specific remixer assigned to the project wants to do though. Thank you for the suggestion! @Dhsu: Haha, well I don't think we'll be putting a 15 Minute Japanese Rock Opera on the Album. However, I do like the idea of using a likewise theme for the album. @Hale: Thanks Hale! I'm glad to have another vocalist lyricist on the team! I listened to a couple of your samples, you're very good in both of your fields. I actually have a bit of an idea for you to sing a song. Would you be willing to sing an english version of the song "Redemption" from FFVII Dirge of Cerberus? @Dragon: I listened to some of your samples. I am interested in you writting some lyrics for the album and possibly doing some vocals. The fact that you don't do languages other then English is a bit of a problem but I will see if an english song comes up where there is a need for female vocals! Thanks so much for offering to help with the project DA! Also, yeah...the youtube videos are not a great example of my singing. I am a professional vocalist and annoyingly enough those are not professional recordings and are on low quality mics. I will be getting real studio time for this Album. Rest assured though I do have a professional singing voice. @Mustin: Thank you so much for offering to help with the licensing of the album! I will be emailing you for sure. Thanks for the reminder about the Final Fantasy Art. I do understand that it's not possible to use any of Square-Enix's characters or artwork in general for the album. I am going to see what Relyan has on his mind and then try to work with him on a creative album design that will convey the message and mission of the album. @Audio: I am hoping that Square-Enix will be agreeable with the Album not having to pay royalities. I do want it to raise as much money as possible to help those in need. After all that's the major over-all goal of "Hear the Cries of our Planet".
  5. Well thank you very much for that information Sengin. I will be getting permission for the Album to be sold for charity, so have no worries about that. Everything will work out alright, thanks for your concern though.
  6. Alrighty then, I will be adding the list to the first post tonight and you'll be there! Well I can't wait till after Winter Break, I think it'd be great for both you and Prophet to be "instrumental" in the album. Yes, I was thinking about that this evening actually. Once I heard Prophet's sample, I decided am going to ask him if he would like to take the part.
  7. Actually, no one has offered Relyan. I really appreaciate the offer, thank you! Can I please see some samples of your artistic work?
  8. Thank you very much Hemo. I appreciate your well wishing to this album project.
  9. I mentioned Dr. Simone's Charity's Mission on the first post of this thread. Yes, I do plan on obtaining permission. All of the profits will be going to Dr Simone's Chairity. None of the profits from this album will be kept. I did state that on the first post of the thread Hemo.
  10. Yes, that is the answer Hemo. "I am not sure if you have heard of Michael Gluck's (Piano Squall) Album GAME. It included several Square-Enix tracks. So have no fear, this album will be able to sell."
  11. Leviathan, I am not sure if you have heard of Michael Gluck's (Piano Squall) Album GAME. It included several Square-Enix tracks. So have no fear, this album will be able to sell. Hemo, for your first question. The answer is above. As for Dr. Simone, he is not directly involved with this project. The profit from the Album sales will be going to his Charity but he doesn't need to have any involvment in the project specifically. When I mentioned him, it was to clairify the fact that his charity was worthy of recieving the profit from the album sales. I answered the question about remixes earlier on in the thread. I am looking for each remixer to add his/her own input into the remixes. I would like to hear ideas from the people who want to take the projects. I trust the remixers here and I know that together everyone will be able to come out with a great Album. I will be singing according to each songs remix. i.e. "Red as Rose, White and Snow" would be in the Opera style because of the nature of it's root song. I am very serious about this project. I have a had a lot of time to put consideration into it and I want very much for this to come to be. So I will be commited to this Album from now till the day it's in the hands of happy listeners and even after that.
  12. Thank you so very much Prophet! You have a beautiful voice and I really enjoyed listening to your sample. I would be extremly pleased to have you on this project! I was worried about finding male vocalists so this is a really pleasant surprise! Thank you also for offering your saxophone playing. Also, about the remixing. I doubt that a 12 track CD is going to be finished by Christmas this year so if you do have the time to do a remix during that time I'd be happy to work with you. Thank you....again. For telling me about the translators. I will send them messages asking if they are interested in helping out with the project.
  13. Awesome! Thank you so much also Neko. Are you interested in doing any remixes?
  14. That's great to hear, thanks so much Audio, any help is really appreciated. Can I add you to the list then as a Bassist/Guitarist? I do have the lyrics for both Twilight Love and Red as Rose, White as Snow. However the lyrics for Hear the Cries of our Planet are still in the works and open for any suggestions. As for remix types, I am a vocalist. I have some ideas of what I would like to impliment into the songs but I am very open for style and genre of the remix, that is why I left it open like I did.
  15. The album will contain remixes with instrumental music and vocals together. Are you interested in helping out with the project?