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  1. Excellent. I did do a quick search but only saw zune vs ipod threads so I gave that up quickly. Will delve deeper before posting next time. Giving this a shot now, thanks a bunch guys =D
  2. Hi guys. Just grabbed the ocremix library via torrent and am pondering the best way to organize this within my Zune library. Basically my problem is that everything is tagged by artist with the ocremix url as the album. What I would like to do is find a program to take a batch of these files and change the artist tag to 'ocremix,' the album tag to the 'game name' and credit the remixer in the song title. This would allow me to sort these mixes out of my normal collection, and be able to browse by game on the go. Such a program might not exist that specifically to my needs but doesn't actually sound that far-fetched. Thoughts?
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