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  1. Remember that crap about stealing MIDIs a few months ago. Well FUCK YOU!! You're STILL at it. And what's more, you used one of MY MIDIs! WHY THE FUCKING HELL CAN'T YOU JUST MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING MIDIS, YOU THEIVING MOTHERFUCKING PRICK!?

  2. There's an annoying piece of shit who goes by the name of Ryan, Nintendo Mix Master, Macca amongst other names who keeps stealing MIDIs from VGMusic.com editing, and uploading as their own. If you are the same Macca who uses the e-mail "Reactor.Zero@hotmail.com" or "hotel.mario@hotmail.com", I demand you STOP this NOW! If you want to submit MIDIs (if you are the same guy), DO IT YOURSELF, please?

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