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  1. Ah, just downloaded it! Thank you so much! Using a sax is a nice idea! :3 It sounds very jazzy... Although I must admit that I don't like the sound of the instrument which comes in at 0:16. But anyway, you rock for remixing this great tune! :DDD This theme is so great! Anyone just has to do it! >__> Ahh... You should try the turrican 3 theme!! It's very nice, too. But noone wants to remix it... ;_; *sniff* http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=icNxUxo11D4 1:06 rocks!!! XD
  2. I'm quite surprised that nobody did this already. It's such a great tune... Oo Or did I miss something? >_> Couldn't find it.... http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=NG3RwaMoxJw <-- If you want to listen to it. It's the first song. ^^
  3. oh... what a coincidence Hehe, I'm looking forward to the post then... Thank you for telling me, Zircon!
  4. Hi! I really would love to hear a remix of the "Eternal Champions - title theme"! Played this when I was a child and I loved this music so much... >_> I would prefer a techno remix, but it doesn't matter that much... I would be quite happy with every remix, I guess. I love the song, you can listen to it at vgmusic.com: http://vgmusic.com/music/console/sega/genesis/index-af.html Scroll down to Eternal Champions and choose the remix of Ashley Kampta ("Remix (2)"). So what could I give to you in return? There is not much I can do, but I like drawing and if you want me to, I would be happy to draw a pic for you. I'm not the best artist, but I want to say "thank you" somehow if someone does a remix of this awesome song! You can see my pics here: http://250kb.com/u/080225/j/adfb646e.jpg http://250kb.com/u/080225/j/17c6e37b.jpg Thank you! <3
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