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  1. Another user reported exactly the same problem... I was unable to reproduce it, but using another browser solved the issue for him. You didn't tell your what your JRE is, but probably installing a newer one could solve it, if you really want to go into the hassle... I use version 1.6.0_04 from Sun. The bytecode was compiled with version 1.4.2 and afterwards compatibility, though I know that Java isn't the most popular platform to do things like this (probably Flash is), but while I was motivated to create the game, I can't say the the same about learning Flash. Fortunately most people are able to play it without major problems.
  2. Indeed. Fixed. The right (more specific) answer was also configured as correct but the generic one was left from an initial development phase. Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. Game Pops enjoyed pretty good success, and I've decided to create a second version. Also, looks like a lot of people found the original game kinda difficult, so I've decided to put tips for it, too. Game Pops 2 and the original Game Pops with tips can be played at: http://www.superguitarra.com.br/gamepops Have fun!
  4. Hey, It's great that you are playing the game and apparently enjoying it. Thanks for the feedbacks! I have to admit that it's also fun to read your reactions, already knowing the answers. When you recognize the song but can't remember the game it's really a pain... but I think this is what makes the game fun, increasing the addictiveness. Yeah. Here in Brazil the Master System was a commercial success, with good distribution, games translated to portuguese and even some exclusive titles. I couldn't avoid paying homage. You are right, there are no TG-16 selections. Are you sure? I am pretty certain that I've included both Japanese and North-American names, in addition to even some spelling variations. Looks like both the one and two words variants are correct spellings. I've added the one word version. Thanks! That's a really great feedback. I'll try to implement something like this in future versions. Thank you very much!
  5. Hi, I've been visiting OCR and the forums for ages, but decided to go a little beyond that by sharing a little project I've been playing with in my free time. Nothing pretentious. It's a simple web game featuring some tunes from classic 8-bit and 16-bit video games. You listen to the tune and try to guess the game. Both well-known classics and more obscure songs are represented. We have a specialist crowd here, so I think we should expect pretty high scores! It's kinda of beta right now, probably there are bugs. Comments, suggestions and bug reports are very welcome. I hope you have fun: http://www.superguitarra.com.br/gamepops Thanks!
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