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  1. Good to know (also both me and my girlfriend think that your metal cover of bad romance sounds better than the original xD) Anyways for those you want to take a look at a FAQ of sorts, here is a link to the game overview document:
  2. I've been working on design document all day long, and I'll keep at it until it's finished. This has already gone beyond the "idea" stage, and hopefully when I finish the document I'll have something more concrete do show (although I do however have a "Game Overview" document that answers most questions about it). But the problem about showing the design is the risk of getting your work stolen.
  3. I understand that. But it is true that if i could do this myself i would have done it a long time ago... Unfortunately trusted and skilled programmers aren't easy to find, so i'm trying to lay some groundwork for when i find one (I've got two candidates right now), so things can move on quickly and painlessly I've been involved in a PSP mini the last year that hasn't gotten anywhere because the main coder (bless him, he's a very occupied person) couldn't get past collision detection issues. So I decided to make my own team with all the design knowledge I gained during that year, and actually get some work done. And yes, I'm determined to finish this project and possibly all others to come.
  4. For those like you that can't access here's the full post quote:
  5. Hello all, My name is Nuno Sousa and I'm a huge fan of your community for many years now. I'm in need of someone who can do music and also sound effects (most likely simple ones) More information on the project here: I will post the information I feel needed here however: About me (there is no us, YET): I'm a up and coming game designer with a dream. To make great games and above else create great experiences for the players. This my first project to be honest, and if the team I'm putting together works, I'd like for all members to stick together. About the Game: The game is still in design stage but I'm hoping (since I'm the designer anyways xD) that it will move forward pretty quickly, and as soon as I find a main coder work will commence on the first alpha of the game. It's going to be a 2D side scrolling game with a unique twist to it. Non-Profit vs. Profit: The game is going to be put on sale on Steam, D2D and other download services. Possible Android and other system ports are being considered. About the Music: For the main levels I am not yet sure what kind of music I want (I am open to suggestions) But for boss fights I want something rocky (as in rock, maybe metal) and fast that really gets the adrenaline flowing. Compensation: There is no budget. All compensation that WILL be paid is going to be sharing the profits between everyone on the team, and we will not be more than 5/6 people. Well that's about it fellas. Hope to ear from y'all soon:-D For those interested my contact email is: