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  1. I would have to disagree. At least not harder than any other classic song out there. Most, if not all classic game music are just loops of a 1-2 minute long song, and the remixers on here have done amazing work by using their creativity to extend the tracks and still make it sound incredible. For example, Dhsu and Black Omen's remix of Mario RPG's "Sad Song". A 30 second track that they were able to turn into a 4.5 minute masterpiece. I believe the same can be done with Megaman's Protoman theme, the remixers on here have amazing talent.
  2. Song: Megaman 3 - Protoman Theme Why: A seemingly overlooked piece that has a lot of potential to be a great remix Genre: Orchestra or guitar/flute Im surprised there isnt much on this song. I find that it is a very moving piece and that a remixed version could make it even more epic. I was thinking orchestral or almost like a "Stairway to Heaven" style remix, something that can really drive the emotion of the piece