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  1. The knight card for the Wands (direct competitive games) signifies someone who is a huge showoff though, a very loyal guy who loves to be the center of attention, and Siegfried doesn't ever try to be the center of attention, and actually lacks allies entirely in the Soul Calibur series, though the closest can be said to be Hilde in #4, but there they just kind of know each other. Vega on the other hand loves the spotlight and was fiercely loyal to Bison's organization until it fell. Siegfried also fits the 7 much better since it symbolizes being under siege and others being jealous of what you have and trying to take it away, but telling you to keep fighting. This works a bit better since even while he was Nightmare, people have always been after his sword. It could be argued that Nightmare would fit the card better but Siegfried has to maintain the battle, especially in number 3 when he still has to combat his darker side as well as other enemies. Also thanks for the info on the Sim City guy, I'll have to look it up and yeah, it was a silly typo on my part about Phoenix Wright, thanks though.
  2. Oops about the Metroid game, it's been awhile, I'll have to change that. But the 7 Pokemon were actually chosen that way for a specific reason. Normally in tarot the person getting the reading looks at the cups which each have a different image and they choose one which helps the reader interpret how they will make their decision. For this one, since the 7 of cups is about choices, you choose your team of 6 Pokemon and who will lead, so basically who you leave out and who you prefer. My Girlfriend for instance chose to lead with Vulpix and ignore Magikarp. She's willing to forgo usefulness for appearance while she is not willing to do hard work for benefits later on. It's actually very accurate so far for interpretation of personality since none of the people we interpreted thought it was wrong at all.
  3. Although there is already a thread for the video game tarot I was making, it kind of died so I will make a new thread for discussion of current choices should anyone think that they have any more suitable characters than the ones I have already chosen. Also there was interest in seeing the completed list and I said I would. The Major Arcana 0 Fool - The Gamer in a video game store 1 Magician - Kefka (Final Fantasy 6) 2 High Priestess - Rose (Legend of Dragoon) 3 Empress - Gaia (E.V.O.) 4 Emperor - Edgar (Final Fantasy 6) 5 Heirophant - Philia Philis (Tales of Destiny) 6 Lovers - Squall and Rinoa (Final Fantasy 8.) 7 Chariot - Gears (Xenogears) 8 Justice - KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) 9 Hermit - Deckard Cain (Diablo) 10 Wheel of Fortune - Kirby (Kirby Series) 11 Strength - Faris (Final Fantasy 5) 12 Hanged Man - Magus (Chrono Trigger) 13 Death - Luke cutting his hair (Tales of the Abyss) 14 Temperance - Soren (Fire Emblem) 15 Devil - Death (Castlevania: Curse of Darkness) 16 Tower - Cloud (Final Fantasy 7) 17 Star - Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) 18 Moon - Cyan (Final Fantasy 6) 19 Sun - Stahn and Dymlos (Tales of Destiny) 20 Judgement - Fusion Suit Samus (Metroid Fusion) 21 World - End game graphics (Super Mario World) Cups - RPGs Ace - Serge (Chrono Cross) 2 - Hero and Lufia (Lufia and the Fortress of Doom) 3 - Festival (Chrono Trigger) 4 - Setzer (Final Fantasy 6) 5 - Vincent (Final Fantasy 7) 6 - Rydia (Final Fantasy 4) 7 - Choice of 7 Pokemon (Pokemon) Magikarp, Caterpie, Eevee, Onix, Vulpix, Bulbasaur, Gastly 8 - Ness (Earthbound) 9 - Chrono's Revival (Chrono Trigger) 10 - Meru (Legend of Dragoon) Page - Mallow (Super Mario RPG) Knight - Wakka (Final Fantasy X) Queen - Nadia (Chrono Trigger) King - Headmaster Cid (Final Fantasy 8.) Swords - Action/Adventure Ace - Raz (Psychonauts) 2 - Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) 3 - Jak (Jak and Daxter Series) 4 - Carl "CJ" Johnson (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) 5 - Bowser (Mario Series) 6 - Link (Zelda Series) 7 - Mio (Fatal Frame 2) 8 - Peach (Mario Series) 9 - James (Silent Hill 2) 10 - Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) Page - Navi (Zelda series) Knight - Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (Assassin's Creed Series) Queen - Jade (Beyond Good & Evil) King - Gordan Freeman (Half-Life Series) Pentacles - Strategy/Puzzle Ace - Nayuta (Monster Rancher EVO) 2 - Garrett (Langrisser) 3 - Owner (Rollercoaster Tycoon) 4 - Antarans (Master of Orion 3) 5 - Ramza (Final Fantasy Tactics) 6 - Mayor (Sim City) 7 - Kerrigan (Starcraft) 8 - Jim Raynor (Starcraft) 9 - Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright 3) 10 - Farmer (Harvest Moon) Page - Angel Messenger (Actraiser) Knight - Kun Vine (Kartia) Queen - Holly (Monster Rancher Series) King - Laharl (Disgaea) Wands - Racing/Sports/Fighting (Direct competition) Ace - Donovan (Darkstalkers Series) 2 - Kokoro (Dead or Alive Series) 3 - Gado (Bloody Roar Series) 4 - Sophitia (Soul Caliber Series) 5 - Bomberman (Bomberman Series) 6 - Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat Series) 7 - Siegfried (Soul Calibur Series) 8 - Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat Series) 9 - Roadkill as Warhawk comes upon him after winning the contest (Twisted Metal Black) 10 - Takuma Sakazaki (Art of Fighting Series) Page - Yun-Seong (Soul Caliber Series) Knight - Vega (Street Fighter Series) Queen - Seung Mina (Soul Caliber Series) King - Calypso (Twisted Metal Series) All 78 cards of a standard tarot deck, I doubt I'll be making an oracle deck to go with it any time soon but hopefully printing these onto cards won't be all too difficult. Should anyone care to see what the cards mean and judge for themselves if the character is suited, traditional meanings can be found here. http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/learn/meanings/ I intend on using game art and screen caps for the images so I won't post the cards themselves in order to avoid the delicious legal issues that can bring up and don't worry about sending links to good images or image sites since I am very good at finding anything I need on the internet. Thanks for the help of anyone from the last thread, I likely wouldn't have gotten some of the characters I have were it not for you guys.
  4. It's been a few weeks without any activity but I still have some hope to finish this off here at some point. Thanks to the help I've gotten so far from you guys (I made another similar thread at a tarot site and it's almost as though they have no idea that the images should symbolize the meaning of the card. I mean they are supposed to be interested in tarot right?) I have only 5 left now and I'll repost them to see if anyone can come up with something. Any Game Character Chariot - Merging of 2 opposites in order to drive towards a goal with confidence. Can also represent new motivation or inspiration. World - Successful conclusion of a long quest accompanied by celebration and triumph. Now as an expert you may move on to teach or simply go on a long trip now that your work is done. Action Game Characters King of Swords - Brainstorming. Logical and full of thought but can often be overzealous and unforgiving to those who differ in ideals. Strategy or Puzzle Games Characters (Yeah, I know that's tricky...) Knight of Pentacles - A perfectionist who tends to not get all that much done out of fear of failure, also tends to try not to stand out too much, kinda timid. Queen of Pentacles - Practical outdoors woman who can put too much stress on others to try and live up to her standards. Can represent making a new business plan or exercise plan. (I hope to find any chick who you go off to meet in order to gain any new ability or train in some way. Probably from a tactics-style game or turn based military game.) Once We get these 5 done I can post all my cards and order out for some card stock and work on getting my deck made. Thanks again for all of the help.
  5. Actually I'm going for characters whose personalities or stories can be represented by the meanings of the cards, that deck uses classical imagery, if that, just with pokemon thrown in, the pokemon themselves have little if anything to do with the meaning of the cards. A good example from cards that are already chosen is the Devil card in my deck which will be Death from Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Although most people would think "Hey Death makes a good Death", the death card actually rarely has to do with actual death, it more accurately symbolizes change or transformation, while the Devil card represents malicious manipulation. Death in Castlevania CoD manipulates you and another guy into fighting to the death in order to resurrect castle Dracula and provide him with a host body for possession. That kind of symbolism is what I'm looking for, but thanks for the link, I have a huge Pokemon/tarot nerd friend who loved it.
  6. One thing I should probably have written is actual descriptions of the kind of character I'm looking for for the remaining cards, so I guess better late then never? Any games Heirophant - Wise character who is probably a priest, at least some old school hippie type who is trying to calm everyone down and make peace. Chariot - The idea of the chariot is someone controlling opposing forces and guiding them towards a single goal, so most likely an artifact of power, preferably made up of opposites, but vehicles are also very good here, although the idea of a union of opposites is important. Sun - Some sort of smart person who has managed to vanquish all of their foes with some sort of ingenious tactical maneuvers and attain great glory. World - Someone who at the end of the game, goes on to become either a teacher or simply travel the world going on to other challenges. Action/ Adventure Games 4 of Swords - Pretty much anyone who goes to a resort or on a vacation, probably gets into more trouble at the resort, but they were trying to take a holiday. 6 of Swords - Someone who cannot succeed at their quest without going off to some random place (preferably an island) to either train or find some item of power. especially good if some random NPC helps them in this. King of Swords - Probably a villain. Some sort of really smart guy who is in control of huge groups but is also way too full of himself and tends to kill those who disagree, so a huge dictator pretty much. Strategy/Puzzle Games 4 of Pentacles - Someone who gets a whole lot of resources early to mid game that it is a good idea to start using right away because if you don't enemies will catch up or time will run out by the time you do. 9 of Pentacles - Someone who when you beat the game, goes off and lives in luxury, I'm talking resorts, castles and/or beaches and relaxation. Knight of Pentacles - A loner, preferably a wandering one, who has crazy huge goals but doesn't tend to achieve them or gives up midway through. Queen of Pentacles - Some chick who lives out in the woods and trains people but is a tough trainer. Games with direct competition, Fighting, Racing, Sports 2 of Wands - Someone who has to or had to choose between 2 professions. 3 of Wands - Someone who is trying something new and is starting to succeed and kick ass. 4 of Wands - Someone who is trying something new and won some sort of championship or contest, something bigger than in the 3 of Wands. 8 of Wands - Someone who is swarmed by a huge amount of things at some point but makes it through. 10 of Wands - A ruler who really shouldn't be involved with the competition because they have a country to rule and servants to do stuff for them, but there they are, investing most of their day in the field kicking people's asses. Hopefully that is descriptive enough to help people out a whole lot. Really I probably should have done it earlier.
  7. As far as artwork is concerned, I have no desire to sell or distribute the actual deck, though I will tell people what's in it, and I'm not going to make a bunch of commissions either. I'm going to go with existing artwork and screen caps from the games even though I might get some fancy artwork for one and then 16-bit screen shots for another. Clashing isn't much of a concern, and since there's no distribution, copyright isn't an issue. As long as it means something to me so that I can read it properly I'm happy. Kirby, how could I miss that... And we're keeping Phoenix Wright on hold for now since he fits 2 cards, we can use him to fill one once we get the other.
  8. Well, Since adding this Thread yesterday I now have a definite Ace of Cups, Knight of Swords, Queen of Swords, 2 of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles, 5 of Wands and Page of Wands. Also I have a good Temperance unless someone happens upon a better one. Most of the new ones I took from your suggestions and many from games I've never played but then did research on, but for a few I couldn't find any good plot information or character bios so I haven't included them yet. 3 guys that might work if I had a bit more information are the Frozen Flame from Chrono Cross, Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear and Krelian from Xenogears. They look like they all have potential but I couldn't find enough info on them to be sure. I've checked wiki already but if anyone has some good back story or information on them, especially if relevant to the card description, that would be great. Otherwise The King of All Cosmos would work better if he was more a king and less of a God or creator. He's not exactly a well-respected leader of anything but a beloved leader that does weird things to alleviate boredom is definitely what I'm looking for and man, I can't believe I didn't think of Bomberman for the 5 of Wands. I even have him in a list underneath what I have of characters I want to add or that might fit well somewhere and he's pretty much exactly what we're going for. Thanks so far for all of your help and once this is done I'll post results to start up some good old discussion while I slowly look for artwork for the deck.
  9. Soren is a good choice and unless anything better comes along I'd say he's in, but as for Amaterasu, she doesn't really convey the meaning of the card from what I've read of her bio and in the plot of both the game and ancient Japanese myth, even if she is a sun god. As far as either Diddy Kong or Sonic are concerned for Page of Wands, One thing I am trying to avoid are characters who make appearances in sports games just to sell a game, Diddy is from action games so I'd keep him in Swords as well as Sonic. As far as theme is concerned, the only ones we're really concerned with are keeping a theme within the suits as is traditionally done in tarot, hence the game genres being attributed to the suits while the Major Arcana can be anything which really makes them far easier to do and so I'll be far pickier with them. I do hope to have as many different games as possible represented and to not reuse a character from any series for anything. So far we already have a lot from the Final Fantasy series given that they have so many well developed characters from over a dozen games, so I'm doing my best to avoid them if at all possible. Beyond that any and all suggestions are appreciated since they can give me ideas for other cards if nothing else.
  10. Hello everybody, I am currently working on trying to make myself a Tarot deck which uses characters or if necessary, situations or areas, from video games instead of the classic images they use for the Major and Minor Arcana. So far so good and I've got all but 27 cards decided but around this point I'm having a really hard time trying to find the right character to fit specific cards since it has to mean something to me. Looking up backstories of characters helps but it's hard to know where to start, so I will write out some basic descriptions and see if anyone has any ideas for me. Major Arcana (Anything Goes) Emperor - Control, a leader everyone wants to follow filled with energy and enthusiasm though this control can lead to being restless, bored or discontent Heirophant - Works toward harmony and peace in a crisis, brings spiritual down to earth, can be wise and soothing or an unbending traditionalist Chariot - A union of opposites made to work to a single goal striven toward with confidence, can also indicate new motivation or inspiration and a trip Wheel of Fortune - Big change, luck and fortune. Abundance, happiness elevation or luck, almost always good fortune Temperance - Moderation, but more importantly the merging of seemingly impossible opposites, often held apart only by belief Sun - Glory, Gain, truth, pleasure, triumph, success. Representative of fully conscious decisions and discoveries rather than intuit ones as with Moon World - Successful conclusion of a long quest accompanied by celebration and praise, you may now become a teacher as you are already an expert and might go on a long trip as well to explore the world Cups - All these cards must come from an RPG Ace - Welling of emotions for a new love, perhaps starting to have vivid dreams Swords - All these cards must come from an action or adventure game (survival horror, platformer, stuff like that.) 4 - You've been stressed out and need to rest and recuperate. Clear your mind, body and soul with some relaxation. 6 - Leaving difficulties behind in order restore balance via a change of scenery. You may find a silent partner in your solutions or take a boat trip, but the answer is waiting on that other shore Knight - Travel by Air. Too smart for their own good, very arguementative and a seeker of knowledge or information who also believes in freedom of information and speech. Queen - Developing a speech, story debate or just spreading news. Very knowledgeable and informative but while she is a walking encyclopedia can often be cold and lack the emotional side of things. They may also seek to learn what they shouldn't know and spread it in an attempt to help. King - Brainstorming, seeing more objevtively to find better solutions. Very logical and full of thought, but also very idealistic and unforgiving of those who may differ from his own very strict idealizations. Pentacles - All these cards must come from Strategy or Puzzle type games 2 - Juggling one's life, you can't keep it up forever but help is on the way 3 - What you have worked towards is bringing in patronage which can lead to more work but is more stable and can also mean positive health results from exercise ot therapy 4 - With newfound wealth and status you worry about losing it and begin to hoard it and focus too much on the present. Relax and make the best of what you have while you have it and spread the wealth 9 - With your work complete, you are able to retreat into a private world of pleasure where you are able to attain all of those things you were unable to before Knight - Travel by Foot. Materialistic and fearful of standing out. Wants to belong but also often too concerned with perfection in their goals which leads to a lot of solitude from fear of failure Queen - Developing a business, altering a work situation or making an exercise or health plan. Practical outdoors woman who is financially successful. Very tasteful but can also put too much pressure on others to succeed while her pragmatism can also dim her creativity and others may feel unable to live up to her expectations Wands - All of these must come from Fighting, racing or sports games, games with direct competition. 2 - There is a choice to be made about passions and where to invest your energies, trust your instincts. 3 - After investing one's passions, they are beginning to see some results and they are good. Might be thusly feeling a little proud 4 - What you have created has been solidly established and now you can take a moment to bask in your work and enjoy the rewards 5 - Competition and conflict. but you cannot avoid it and hope to come out ahead, you will have to dive right in and assess the situation to carve out your proper piece 8 - A lot of things are going to happen but you are able to handle all of it. Head out with confidence and change the world 10 - With power comes responsibility and now you are tired and no longer feeling creative. You need to delegate some of your burdens in order to find some more energy Page - Message about a trip, career move or possibly something spiritual/philosophical. Kid who never stays still, always outside going to new and strange places. charismatic, fun-loving and loves being center of attention, but watch that he doesn't bully others I'm leaving out the cards we've already decided on to avoid too much off-topic discussion but if people are interested I'll happily post the final deck choices once I get it done and if anyone cares enough to look at a more detailed description of the cards in question here's a link to a good site. http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/learn/meanings Thanks in advance to anyone who takes this seriously and offers up some good suggestions.
  11. True enough, but I have looked into that too and you need a modded Playstation as well as some programs or a hacked game such as Guitar Zero but I'm talking about a legit proper game, and you wouldn't be able to add in the whole potential idea of mini missions for the game in the background. Even if someone else did that for every song on OCReMix, it wouldn't be the same and would likely lack the professionalism of a proper game, also lacking the popularizing of the site itself which I would like to see because it may bring in more talent. Already almost third of my music collection comes from this site and it's definitely some of the best stuff I have and I guess I want to see it out there in the mainstream. Certainly way better than much of what you would hear on the radio.
  12. Personally I would love to see a version of Guitar Hero which uses remixes from this site. It's not as though there aren't enough rocking songs and hell it may be far easier to get the rights to the songs since I don't think most of the re mixers here don't have a crew of lawyers and a record label to go through, it would be a simple asking for permission and the songs are already in digital form which would make it all the easier to transcribe. I could understand people not wanting to sell their music off to some game company but as just an idea, I'd love to play Fire Cross, Acrophobia or Time Punks on Guitar Hero. On a real guitar too no less but I'll have to wait until I start taking lessons here first before trying out mimicry by ear. What I also envision for the game would be for a second player to play the game in the background as the song goes. It wouldn't be the full game, just a minor demo, maybe a specific battle or an area and they would attempt to beat their own speed records as they play and they could get boosts from the guitar player when star power is activated such as invincibility, free items or a healing effect. Or you could let a computer take control of the guitar playing and simply play all the short scenarios in the game. Levels could be divvied up by genre or in some cases by a specific game since Final Fantasy for one has enough Remixes featuring guitar for it to be worthwhile. Of course all of this is far more likely on hacked versions of the game, but I like to think that such a game would be very popular, and certainly would be different enough to possibly pump some new life into Guitar Hero and may attract some people who would want to play just the scenarios (of which there would be enough to make it's own game) and leave out the guitar portion while those who want new songs would get just that. Anybody else think that this idea has some merit or should I just spend my free time learning how to use Cubase so I can finally make that Remix of the Populous intro theme I've been wanting to do for years?
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