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  1. The music for this island was one of the only parts of the game I actually enjoyed, so I put this together. I switched up the instruments a little, except for ones like the pan flute that I thought were good enough to keep. So far it sticks fairly close to the original, with some rearranging. My only real original part is at the end and it's not much. As I work on it I plan to replace the beginning with an original section and maybe a little in the middle. Right now I'm just looking for feedback on the instruments and mixing, but any other comments or ideas are welcome too! I have no title for it yet..
  2. Well I worked on it a little bit back at the end March...then promptly forgot about the whole thing until just now. I went back and tweaked a little, but by now all the ideas I had are gone and honestly I'm not even bothered by it because I'm bored with this song now. I'm pretty much done with it. I'm not going to finish it or submit it or anything because I've had other ideas I want to try out instead and I just lost interest in this one. But I've uploaded what I came up with when I took your suggestions. I think it came out...a little better. Whatever I was going for at the time I don't know anymore..it's decent, but I mean it wasn't even a really good song to begin with, in-game, you know? Version 2
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I had some ideas earlier today that I will try out when I get the chance. They were more about integrating some new elements and pieces but I will go over your points and see what I can do about them.
  4. Hey guys, first post here. I don't think anybody has done a remix for this game, and I've been working with MIDI submission of the game's music over at vgmusic. I submitted a direct copy of the in-game version, and while waiting for it to be added to the game directory I've been working on a more fleshed-out version. Excalibur's Lighthouse (Version 1) I was thinking of submitting it here but I wanted to get some feedback first.
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