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  1. What's a good starter mic for someone just looking to get into singing? Ideally, spending $50 or less. Any suggestions would be helpful, as I have no idea where to start!
  2. You do realize that much of Jeremy Soule's work is rendered with his extensive library of orchestral samples? It's not the real or synthetic nature of music he's railing against. After all, he's composed a fair bit of beats in his games, see Prey for example. It's the pre-fab composing, the looping of presets, just relying on stringing together patterns that sound cool without actually getting involved directly with the notes and rhythm. While I adore Mr. Soule's work, especially in The Elder Scrolls series, he does seem a tad style-biased and I'm not sure I see the need for the hate. Sure, people can compose games lazily, but if they do it'll show. Why worry about it? Awesome interview, by the way. And it's great to hear that he'd love to submit more to OCR. Wouldn't it be sweet if this site had the constant involvement of composers, much like the C64 scene?
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