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  1. Can't imagine, that members of thematical music forum so uninterested in something new...
  2. djpretzel: Good mics NT1A (for vocal) and C1000S (for instrumental). Have them both, too. big giant circles: Will buy one more mic - thinking between Sputnik and sE z3300A. My setup - all in one room (I'd rather say corner) - no shields, screens, or other acoustic treatments. Gears: PC Core2Duo 6400, RME FireFace 400, Microlab SOLO3 (by few days will change it for Dynaudio BM5A), ears Sennheiser eH350 & HD280PRO, Shamray (custom shop) guitar [model BCRich Beast] with EMG pickups, Marshall Jackhammer & Zoom TriMetal stomps. As mentioned earlier - 3 mics: RODE NT1A, AKG C1000S, S
  3. Hi, I'm new here, and I want to show some of my works to your judgement))) One of last works - musical sounddesign for my portfolio [already was posted here]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxYY014qgi4 - select "HQ" at right down corner for better quality My 1'st project - Aktraiz3r (A3r) [read info at page [russian]] http://aktraiz3r.promodj.ru/ - listen to: Airborne Invasion (Final Full Version) Vs Nitrophonix - Eschelon (Rmx) Twilight Zone 2 The Sky My 2'nd proj: just remixes for stupid tracks http://korkibutchek.promodj.ru/ 3'rd - Ravenant - I leave it, but all lyrics
  4. Daishi231 So, I don't want to use original idea at all - that's why it sounds different, in another genre, and with synchroFX.
  5. Russian info in youtube link - exactly copy of info text in post #1
  6. Hello, everyone. My first posting - correct me, if i wrong. Style: Soundtrack, Symphonic, Drum'n'Bass Length: 3:40 Links: Youtube - [with HQ Enabled]PromoDj - http://aktraiz3r.promodj.ru/videos/738140/Resident_Evil_Outbreak_Intro_CG_AktraiZ3r_Alternative_SoundDesign.html Info: Alternative music & sounddesign for famous video: Resident Evil: Outbreak [intro CG] for PS2. Original video - .Completely removed sound and music - nothing of original were used in this remake. Want to hear your comments and advices. Thanks.
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