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  1. Can't imagine, that members of thematical music forum so uninterested in something new...
  2. djpretzel: Good mics NT1A (for vocal) and C1000S (for instrumental). Have them both, too. big giant circles: Will buy one more mic - thinking between Sputnik and sE z3300A. My setup - all in one room (I'd rather say corner) - no shields, screens, or other acoustic treatments. Gears: PC Core2Duo 6400, RME FireFace 400, Microlab SOLO3 (by few days will change it for Dynaudio BM5A), ears Sennheiser eH350 & HD280PRO, Shamray (custom shop) guitar [model BCRich Beast] with EMG pickups, Marshall Jackhammer & Zoom TriMetal stomps. As mentioned earlier - 3 mics: RODE NT1A, AKG C1000S, Soundlab G146A [in bad state]: NT1A for vocal recordings, C1000S for guitar and G146A for stage [will change it for RODE S1, possibly].
  3. Hi, I'm new here, and I want to show some of my works to your judgement))) One of last works - musical sounddesign for my portfolio [already was posted here]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxYY014qgi4 - select "HQ" at right down corner for better quality My 1'st project - Aktraiz3r (A3r) [read info at page [russian]] http://aktraiz3r.promodj.ru/ - listen to: Airborne Invasion (Final Full Version) Vs Nitrophonix - Eschelon (Rmx) Twilight Zone 2 The Sky My 2'nd proj: just remixes for stupid tracks http://korkibutchek.promodj.ru/ 3'rd - Ravenant - I leave it, but all lyrics, vocals at recordings, actually recording, mixing, drums and arrangement (for forthcoming 2010 LP) made by me. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=186387639 - band's current profile http://ifolder.ru/14466011 - This is "Ravenant 2009 - Nightmare [single]", as they called it - just only unfinished (not mixed, mastered and arranged preview) tracks for LP in bad quality that they quite stupidly decided to publish into web. Thanks for attention and listen.
  4. Daishi231 So, I don't want to use original idea at all - that's why it sounds different, in another genre, and with synchroFX.
  5. Russian info in youtube link - exactly copy of info text in post #1
  6. Hello, everyone. My first posting - correct me, if i wrong. Style: Soundtrack, Symphonic, Drum'n'Bass Length: 3:40 Links: Youtube - [with HQ Enabled]PromoDj - http://aktraiz3r.promodj.ru/videos/738140/Resident_Evil_Outbreak_Intro_CG_AktraiZ3r_Alternative_SoundDesign.html Info: Alternative music & sounddesign for famous video: Resident Evil: Outbreak [intro CG] for PS2. Original video - .Completely removed sound and music - nothing of original were used in this remake. Want to hear your comments and advices. Thanks.