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  1. http://tindeck.com/listen/kfrl -- It's a music thing and it is called 'Starry Sojurn' which is like alliteration so obviously it must be awesome or something. I'm not quite sure why I'm posting this... constructive criticism tends to shatter my fragile self-esteem and make me write angsty poetry. But if you have any to offer, I'll take it anyway.
  2. Mostly the underworld theme with some occasional none-too-subtle references to Title and Overworld. I'm not sure what genre to describe this as; just... bad? Very bad. Horribly horribly bad. Please refrain from commenting on my mental health. PLEASE TAKE THE VOCALS SERIOUSLY >:C
  3. * choir samples have been severely... whatever the opposite of amplified is; I also tried adding a quiet stereo effect to them * clock was pulled completely from 1:50-3:05 * added an extra voice in the intro that bears some resemblance to the harp in the original; hopefully this means the first minute isn't quite as boring as before * piano is now a live recording (thanks for the offer, Glitch, but I managed to dig up a microphone of my own) EDIT: oh, and the oath to order was always there in the second half... it might be a bit more noticeable now, though, not sure...
  4. Is there really that much of a melody in the original? As far as I remember it was really just the chords. Anyway, I've made some changes to the second half, dropping the synth bass for some interplay between piano and 'bass violin'. Slipped in a sonata of awakening reference while I was at it.
  5. Clock samples are from in-game. Otherwise, nothing really to say at this point. EDIT:
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