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    --Rocks the mic like Tyson v. Cooney
    --Keeps gettin' paid in quarters and loonies
    --Types like a madman, parses like a king
    --Torrents like a tyrant, P2Pyouanything
    --My glasses are just as thick as my THAT'S ENOUGH FOR NOW
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  1. Hokay, so far I have. Under a New Moon -- Fatty Acid, Sephire Controlled Jazz -- Scott Peeples Cruise Control -- Anthony Lofton, Joshua Morse Lufia's Dream -- Faze Dreaming Still -- Pixietricks Beneath the Surface -- Vigilante Sphercular Kinetics -- Sideways STaircase Rhodes to the past -- Fatty Acid Rain in Chicago -- Ziwtra Vega's Ballad -- McVaffe Time Chill - MV The Delay - Blue Magic. Cammy by Night - MV Gotta agree--Scarlet Halls of Night is a great song, but waltzing comes before this.
  2. I'm a nerd. I'm also a nerd with a girlfriend, and thusly, romance is something I look to increase. She's got an album called "Boudoir beats" for evening tete-a-tetes, and I'm trying to set up a playlist to match her using OC Remix. So far, I've got a few tracks, but if anyone has any ideas on what to put in, I'd really appreciate it. I'll share the finished playlist with everyone.
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