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  1. Kid Icarus 'Funky Dungeon'

    Hmm, I didnt think I was gonna like this mix at the begging, but a minutes or so into the track it got interesting. The tempo slowed down and speeded up which I though was cool. A very mysterious slow groove and a upeat tempo at times also. Could of been a bit shorter though, but otherwise a cool mix. Try it! 8)


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  2. Icewind Dale 'Easthaven's Club'

    The first time I listened to this mix I didnt like it, but the second time around I changed my mind aout it. Its definitaly not a bad mix (which is what I originally considered saying) but its not a great mix either. You knid of lose interest after the first minute. Its not my type of mix, but mabey its yours. Try it! 8)


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