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  1. Mega Man 2 'Airman WindShear' Every Thing About This Mix Is Perfect! The original track was great (one of my favs) and this remix only rekindled my love for the song. Super Job AE! Get It! Funny picture Of the Day / \ ____________________ |
  2. SWEET, very cool remix! No need to reapeat what the other reviewers said so ill say this, get it now! GO! Funny pic Of the Day / \ _________________ |
  3. Killer Instinct 'KillerInstinctsEnhanced' Awsome remix, I can't really point out anything wrong with it! Definatly give it a listen! Funny pic Of the Day / \ _________________ |
  4. Kid Icarus 'Funky Dungeon' Hmm, I didnt think I was gonna like this mix at the begging, but a minutes or so into the track it got interesting. The tempo slowed down and speeded up which I though was cool. A very mysterious slow groove and a upeat tempo at times also. Could of been a bit shorter though, but otherwise a cool mix. Try it! Funny pic Of the Day / \ _________________ |
  5. Lemmings 'DABOMB' Not bad, very cool song. I especially liked the voice sample, along with the super reverb. Not too long and never becomes stale. Reccomended dl! Funny pic Of the Day / \ _________________ |
  6. Journey to Silius 'GoingHome' Eh, not really a very good remix simply because it has nothing new or special in it. Ok for a few good listens but other wise not too hot. I've seen much worse remixes though so i'd still say its worth a download just to see for yourself. Try it. Funny pic Of the Day / \ _________________ |
  7. Jackal 'Mounted-Machine Gun Funk' Not bad, an average song with some ups and downs. I liked the beggining but I din't particualrly like 2:15-2:30 because it didn't really blend in well with the mix. Otherwise a cool mix, try it! Funny pic Of the Day / \ _________________ |
  8. Icewind Dale 'Easthaven's Club' The first time I listened to this mix I didnt like it, but the second time around I changed my mind aout it. Its definitaly not a bad mix (which is what I originally considered saying) but its not a great mix either. You knid of lose interest after the first minute. Its not my type of mix, but mabey its yours. Try it! Funny pic Of the Day / \ _________________ |
  9. Well I can't say that theres anything specifically 'wrong' with this mix, but for some reason I didn't enjoy it. I just wasn't fond of the entire track. Mabey its because i've never played the game, or listened to the original track, but to me the mix was below par. funny pic of the day / \ ________________ |
  10. Nice mix, soothing melody with a nice beat. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I havent even played this game! Well done, do download. Funny pic Of the Day / \ _________________ |
  11. Great remix! Has a catchy tune to it and the variations keep it from getting stale and boring. Couldnt say that its a great mix, but definatly worth a download. Check it out!
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