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  1. You say you have all the files in their entirety? Thank you VERY much! I thought I was pretty much f--ked! I looked everywhere, including Torrent sites, rapidsearch, fileshunt, what-have-you and I could only find the ones that you already posted, which had been long since dead. I don't mind waiting to get it uploaded again, I just want 'em! Send me a link whenever you get back and know that I'm eternally grateful. Have fun on your trip, man. Also, do you have a MySpace account? My URL is:
  2. I know this is a huge long-shot, but does anybody happen to have this? The links are both long since dead and I can't find anything on it anywhere else. Can someone please be so kind to re-upload this? PLEASE?! me...
  3. I know this is a long shot, but does anybody still have this that can re-upload it?! I'm just dying to find it and it's looking hopeless! HELP!!!
  4. I have this months issue of Game Informer and I think it's awesome that remixes from this site will be in Super Street Fighter II Live Arcade. Happy birthday, and happy engagement. I'm glad to be a part of this site. **HUGZ!**