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  1. Not sure what a Hi-Z input is, but I have it hooked up with a guitar cable into the white pci card L input. I'm pretty sure I'm going by the standard 0 db and not over it... Also, my guitar actually makes regular flat guitar tone albeit in very low volume even on the max volume on my guitar. So I tried recording on Reaper with the recording monitor ON in one track with initial excitement, only to realize that its very disorientating and odd to have two seperate noises coming from the guitar through my speaker and whats actually BEING recorded. Even more so because the noises aren't quite in sync with each other.... So I'm either thinking that either 1. I need a proper preamp or something or 2. I need to tweak my patchmix dsp accordingly...which is something I have no clue about. : d
  2. So I have an Emu 0404 soundcard and a cheap guitar. So I tried recording guitar and doing stuff with it on Reaper by connecting the soundcard with a guitar cable. So far so good, but... I think I'm doing some really wrong here... Laugh at me if you want, but I'm feebly attempting to get into this remixing for the millionth-ish time here and I THINK I'm starting to have a better handle of these things...
  3. I could fork up a quick sketch or something if you want. I'm quite familiar and to a certain extent influenced by Yoshitaka Amano, but for someone who's knowledgeable about manga and to an extent anime, you'd think I'd be familiar with cowboy bebop but I haven't gotten very far in it. : d
  4. Thanks alot and yes this is the card not the USB.... to my dismay though I didn't know the USB alternative exists... : / The first link didn't work, but I have something like that from the second link, so I can at least confirm that my sound card DOES work! : d I'm going to search and also call customer service to see if there is in fact a adaptor for the desktop speakers available for this particular card... Also since I started a sound card topic: what would be the key difference between a card and the USB? I mean from the obvious I know that the USB is more portable, but is there anything else?
  5. So... this is probably a stupid question but I want to give it a shot: I bought a Emu 0404 card and got it today, so I hooked it up and everything; only to realize that there's no sound, but I can see from the patchmix that the sound is undulating so THERE must be sound... after some I research I came to the realization that since all I have is a desktop speaker, I'll probably need a Mono 1/4" male to Stereo 1/8" female adapter! Is this true?! Or is there any other way I can just use stereo input rather than having to get an adaptor?
  6. Thanks dudes, now, I'm going to see what I can do with this : d
  7. Thanks. As a random side note, I'm starting to wrap my head around this now. I mean, when I first heard about preamps/samplers/insert-various-types-of-keyboards-here I was like 'whuh?' I still do actually, but anyway, I think I'll give a soundcard purchase a shot, because nothing within my limited knowledge I do seems to work : d I also primarily play the guitar primarily too so this could help in the long run.
  8. I use a onboard Realtek ALC 883 chipset and I also downloaded the latest drivers for it. Which brings up the Reaper tutorial, I've gotten the ASIO4ALL to install but I can't get it to work with it or some other programs as in either it plays with no sound or it doesn't even budge at all! It seems to me that the Waveout option for Reaper sounds fine I think so I'm guessing I could work with that. I also tried using DS (DirectSound??) on the EnergyXT and the demo song in it sounds scratchy and the ASIO would still yield playing but with no sound. So I'm stumped : / I'm even considering on getting an inexpensive soundcard like an EMU 0404 because I'm assuming that the onboard card just doesn't cut it for any music software uses.
  9. geez, some Music Phd that guy was : / I'm sorry if this sounded really misinformed because I just went to a SamAsh just recently and this guy who worked there told me Reaper wasn't going to do me any good composing-wise. However, I was still skeptical because I DID read the guides here before to a certain extent, so here I am to reaffirm what I've learned here. It's also the reason why I found out Reaper in the first place, but I still may have to give other programs a chance when I get more into this. (Fruityloops scared me when I was little, heh) Thanks guys. one last off topic thing : if I wanted make or find sound effects would I be able to scratch up something decent with any audio program? if not, where should I look? EDIT: I hope this M-audio midisport Uno cable is going to work with my Yamaha PSR... as the same guy told me it didn't matter which brand you use...
  10. My primary goal right now is to compose music for an animation I'm doing, although I wouldn't mind doing remixing either. So I was wondering what kind of programs I could be using. If possible I'd like to know if there were any inexpensive alternatives. I was going to try Reaper, but I didn't realize that programs like that cannot use outside sound recordings like my guitar. Which is probably fine, because I'm guessing I can work around it and maybe make something feasible for an animation... Also as far as what equipment I have... all I have is a yamaha psre303 other than stuff like guitars and a usb mic. You can probably tell by now that I'm extremely new to this : d EDIT: Honestly, I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm going to go with my gut instinct and try Reaper anyway
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