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  1. I work at a game store that fixes problems with newer systems. The xbox has a problem with the lazer burning out around now i have had to replace no less the 20 this week. something that can help with it not scratching your disks is to lay it flat and not to stand it up this help vent out he heat also to avoid the red ring. I will say that sooner or later your going to burn out the lazer its only a matter of time. Most of the drives are synced with the motherboard so if you do try to replace it only replace the lens or it wont work. as of the game viewtuful joe dante and zero seems to be the team im best with but i like the faster people anyway.
  2. well i had a zen vision m but it got stolen from me so i thought i would give it a try
  3. I love my zune this is the first problem i have had with it and i refuse to support anything apple. I might just have to get a new third party mp3 player creative sounds nice but i want my money back or something this is crazy
  4. At 12 or 1 this morning my zune reset and wont load now and i did a little snooping and found out that everyone else that has a 30GB zune has the same problem. looks like it might be a date issue in the zune itself. Just wondered if anyone else had the same problem.
  5. Im really in to zombie books but i cant find anymore on mp3 other then World War Z And im downloading the star wars mp3s right now
  6. Well its a good thing i asked then
  7. First off im new to this site and have been listening to the music for years but thought that mabey it was time to sign up But im posting because i need some suggestion for some new audio books to listen to at work. I have been listening to World War Z and i love it and i cant seem to find any other books that are like that and thought mabey i can get some help
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